{free Catholic book} St Augustine in 50 Pages: Plus Live Catholic Webinar Tonight! St Augustine’s Life and Theology with Taylor Marshall

Tonight’s the big night! I’m so excited. We’re having our live free Catholic webinar on Saint Augustine of Hippo and a free book for everyone who attends:

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Everyone who attends tonight will receive a free eBook version of my book Saint Augustine in 50 Pages. We had over 1,500 live participants last week but our technology failed. I’m very sorry about that and I appreciate your time. This week, we are keeping the numbers lower. There are spaces available, so please reserve your spot below:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 4.56.42 PM1. What is a Live Catholic Webinar? free Catholic Webinar is me speaking live to you (and hundreds of others) through your computer screen in real time. It’s the New Evangelization in action. You can speak back to me and ask questions live via chat. In the past, we’ve had thousands join us live as participants on topics like the Blessed Virgin, the Eucharist, Divine Mercy, and Apologetics. This recent one was on Saint Augustine.

2. What is this St Augustine Webinar? Tonight is our LIVE CATHOLIC WEBINAR: “Saint Augustine – His Life and Theology”. I’ll go over his early life, conversion and career as a bishop and writer. Saint Augustine ebook coverThen I’ll highlight the key elements of his theology. And everyone in attendance will receive a free copy of my book: Saint Augustine in 50 Pages.

3. Do I need to register again for the rescheduled St Augustine Webinar if I had registered last week? Yes, you must register again. The old webinar and links (issued Aug 20-27) are corrupt and will not work. Please start over and register again. Registrants from last week will not be carried over to this rescheduled Webinar. If you already registered previously, you’ll need to reserve your spot again. It takes about 5 seconds to register. Which leads to….

4. How do I register for the Saint Augustine Catholic Webinar on Thursday Sept 3 2015 at 8pm US Central? Please register and claim your spot by clicking on this new registration page.

I’ll see you live next Thursday night (Sept 3)! Space is limited. We have 1095 registered as of this morning. We will allow an additional 205 free spots and free books. Please register here.
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to Jesus through Mary,

Taylor Marshall

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  • terryhjones

    please consder converting your books, the giveaway loss leaders at least, to epub format. the pdf’s are somewhat a problem for those of us who read on small devices.

  • Gerry

    Taylor and Julie: Thanks so much for the Webinar. A few technical issues… no big deal Your content was great. I am pumped to learn more about St Augustine

  • Terri Todd

    I could not get the Webinar to reload until the end, bummer. Is said it was waiting on you or something like that; I bet it was great, sorry I missed it.