Catholic Video: the Birthday of Mary in Art

Happy birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

To celebrate Our Lady’s birthday, here’s an analysis of the painting “Nativity of the Virgin” by Pietro Lorenzetti as it relates to St Anne, St Joachim, and the infant Virgin Mary:

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  • Ed Graveline

    Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Blessed Blessed Birthday to our Mother Mary! Thank you for the wonderful explanation of the beautiful picture.

  • Jonathan Benally

    To my most Blessed Holy Mother, you are the beauty of Isreal, I love you. Thank u ou for loving me and carrying me back to Jesus every time I fall. Thank you Holy Father in
    HEAVEN for giving to your creation a mother is most kind, most lovely and cares for each
    One of her little children. She is an example for each of us, of how to love the Blessed Savior Jesus Christ. I love you mommy, Happy birthday.

  • Joan Browning

    First time I was given the the info on Mary’s birth to understand the entire happening of Her birth! . I have read the Life of Mary, but this portion of her birth was not included. Thank you