FREE Catholic Class: Intro to Saint Augustine w Taylor Marshall

I’m so sorry that last night’s webinar broke down: We were about to have our biggest Catholic Webinar ever – and then the links broke. We are rescheduling the webinar and the registration link for the rescheduled version is below:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 4.56.42 PM1. Why did last night’s Catholic Webinar on St Augustine fail? Despite having over 1,500 people registering for the Saint Augustine Webinar, our technology broke down. Why did this happen? We aren’t sure but the links to enter the live webinar chat room were corrupted. But don’t worry. We are rescheduling to next week: see point 3 below:

2. What is a Live Catholic Webinar? free Catholic Webinar is me speaking live to you (and hundreds of others) through your computer screen in real time. It’s the New Evangelization in action. You can speak back to me and ask questions live via chat. In the past, we’ve had thousands join us live as participants on topics like the Blessed Virgin, the Eucharist, Divine Mercy, and Apologetics. This recent one was on Saint Augustine.

3. Are you Rescheduling this St Augustine Webinar? Yes! We are RESCHEDULING our LIVE CATHOLIC WEBINAR: “Saint Augustine – His Life and Theology” to next Thursday, September 3. We will limit enrollment numbers so that we don’t have any more problems.

4. Do I need to register again for the rescheduled St Augustine Webinar? Yes, you must register again. The old webinar and links (issued Aug 20-27) are corrupt and will not work. Please start over and register again. Registrants from last week will not be carried over to this rescheduled Webinar. If you already registered previously, you’ll need to reserve your spot again. It takes about 5 seconds to register. Which leads to….

5. How do I register again for the Saint Augustine Catholic Webinar on Thursday Sept 3 2015? Please register and claim your spot by clicking on this new registration page.

Maybe the devil didn’t want us to have this Webinar. Please join me in saying a Hail Mary for the success of this new and improved Catholic Webinar.

Please register, and I’ll see you live next Thursday night (Sept 3)!

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Every set back is a set up for something better.

to Jesus through Mary,


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