Mary and the Eucharist: The Catholic Joy Missing in Your Life

Are you a person of joy and quiet peace? From my experience teaching and counseling people, I’ve learned that a person’s joy and peace is usually related to their understanding of 2 Catholic teachings: Mary and the Eucharist.

Our ability to handle stress, relationships, and even our health grows as we become followers of Jesus Christ because He is the source of all joy, endurance, health, and peace.


The popes and saints (especially Saint John Paul II) teach us that the best ways to know Christ are:

Mary (she leads us to Him) and the Eucharist (It is Christ Himself!)

I’d like to invite you to a Live Catholic Webinar I’m hosting (free) this Thursday April 23 at 8pm Central called: “The Catholic Power of Mary and the Eucharist.”

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Two weeks ago we had a webinar on Divine Mercy with over 700 live participants. Let’s keep it up and figure out how we can set this world on fire for Christ! If you want to learn your faith and rediscover the joy of your salvation, join us this Thursday.

The way our Webinar software works, you must register and reserve your spot in order to be part of my presentation on Thursday night:

Click to here to register for the “Mary and Eucharist” Webinar.

It’s live so don’t miss it. I’ll see you Thursday night! Just follow the simple directions at registration.

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