How to Read More Books!

Readers are leaders. If you want to excel spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, in marriage, etc. it’s smart to consult the best minds on the subject. Yet last year 25% of Americans did not finish one single book!


Most of will never meet Saint Augustine or Saint Thomas Aquinas, but we have the next best thing. We can hear their voice and get their input through their books.

It’s important to read. Here’s my NSTI Lifetime Reading List. But even when we have the right books, it doesn’t mean we have the right method for absorbing books.

My good friend Brandon Vogt also just launched a course on how to read more books per week/month/year. I’ve already checked it out and it looks amazing. Practical easy advice. A few minutes invested here will save you minutes, hours, and even days or years in your reading habits.

Please click the link and check out his free course on learning how to read more quickly and intentionally:

Read More Books Now Video Course by Brandon Vogt

I want to challenge everybody this year to step it up in their reading. You will be happier, better informed, and more successful in the areas of your life by picking up more books.

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