30% of Catholic College Students Leave the Sacraments for Life – Here’s how you can help:

We’ve got a big problem in American Catholicism:

30% of Catholic college students will go off to college and by the time they reach 22 years, they will never receive Catholic sacraments again. 

Something happens during those four years to convince them to permanently drop out of Catholicism…for life.

College students

I’ve heard Catholic parents lament: “I spent 18 years of effort, prayer, tuition for Catholic private school, sacramental prep, and we tried everything…and my son/daughter lost it all in the first 18 days of life on the college campus. They don’t go to Mass anymore. They just aren’t interested.”

So how do we begin to address this problem effecting 30% of all Catholic College students? What do we do?

I’m hearing more and more voices from both parents and college students (mostly from within the New Saint Thomas Institute) who want to provide dynamic Catholic instruction and community for Catholic college students.

So I’m putting something together called: Catholic in College. It will be an online forum for college age students to receive video instruction in Catholic apologetics, resources, book recommendations, regular reminders via email, and a whole army of people to help them joyfully rediscover Catholicism as a college student. We’ll also help them find Masses and confession opportunities in a way that’s relevant to them.

This is going to the BIGGEST online outreach to Catholic college students. Are you interested? I hope so.

Before we make the huge investment in web design, video courses, and online community, I just wanted to get the pulse of my 100,000+ followers: Is this something that you see as a solution to this problem for Catholic young adults?

We will likely roll out a beta version of Catholic in College for a limited number of parents and college students this year. If you’d like to be part of the initial Catholic in College movement, we want to hear from you.

Please sign up here and I’ll put you on the early bird notification list for news about Catholic in College. Sign Up to learn more about our Catholic in College Support Network by clicking here.

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