Pope Francis says iPhones are Damaging Families

Pope Francis has called families to put down their iPads, tablets, gadgets, smart phones and to start talking to one another in a personal way.

Joy and I are struggling with this. The kids got Kindle Fires for Christmas…for reading. But with all the features, they are turning into iPads with games, movies, etc. We have them locked down so they can’t get the internet, but still, in the evening I look around and see everyone on a screen. It’s getting kind of scary. So the Pope’s words have hit open ears.

family on ipads

In his annual message for the World Day of Communications, Pope Francis said:

The great challenge facing us today is to learn once again how to talk to one another, not simply how to generate and consume information,” the Pope said.

Question: Do you agree? Does your family or group of friends retreat to gadgets? How do we use them for good without becoming slaves to the screen? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Full story from the Telegraph can be found here.

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