7 Reasons to Study Theology in 2015 (plus free books and resources)

For the last several months, we have done a free online Catholic Conference Theology Webinar video hangout with about 500 people. It’s great fun and I’d like to invite you to join us this week for another one! It’s like a Catholic conference, but you don’t have to leave your house!

You can sign up for free by clicking here:

Catholic Webinar Conference Jan 8 2015

Catholic webinar conference

This Week’s Free Catholic Conference Webinar: 7 Reasons!

On Thursday night I’ll be hosting a free online live webinar in which we’ll go over 7 reasons to Study Catholic Theology in 2015. It’s like an online Skype call or Google Hangout with me and hundreds of Catholics who have registered.

I’ll give you 7 compelling reasons that will fire you about getting deep into your faith in 2015, and show you how you can access the best books and right resources to make it easy for the next 12 months.

Free Resources to Get Started in 2015


Plus, I’ll be giving away a bunch of Catholic theology resources that will help you get serious about studying orthodox Catholic theology in 2015:

  1. Catholic Bible Cheat Sheet (all the related Bible verses easily arranged by Catholic doctrine topic)
  2. The NSTI Lifetime Catholic Reading List: Recommended Books on Catholic Theology arranged by topic, e.g. Mariology, Philosophy, Church History, etc.)
  3. A random lottery for paperback copies of (1 copy each):
    1. The Crucified Rabbi,
    2. The Catholic Perspective on Paul,
    3. The Eternal City,
    4. and the new paperback version of the Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages. 
    5. My  bestselling novel Sword and Serpent: A Retelling of Saint George and the Dragon
  4. One free one year tuition voucher to earn a Certificate at the New Saint Thomas Institute (awarded to a live webinar attendee at random).

But most importantly we will discuss the spiritual and personal reasons for getting deep about Catholic theology.

You can register for this free online Catholic Conference Webinar by clicking here:

Catholic Webinar Conference Jan 8 2015

I’ll see you live on your laptop or tablet on Thursday night!

to Jesus through Mary,

Taylor Marshall

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