Do You Have the 5 Life Habits of a Convincing Catholic?

If you’re like me, you have friends and family that have serious disagreements with Catholicism, such as:

  1. disagreement with the sexual teachings of the Church
  2. denial of God altogether
  3. common Protestant objections against Mary, the Pope, or salvation and grace

I’ve made the mistake in the past of thinking that if I could “just get smarter” or “just read more books,” I’d somehow become a logical ninja able to convert the most hardened atheist or Protestant…

…but it’s just not true…

What I’ve learned over the years is that gaining theological knowledge is 100% necessary, but (and this an important but) acquiring daily positive habits are 100% more important.

Have you cultivated these necessary Christian habits? In this video, I’ll share the my opinion on the 5 most important “Life Habits” for not only transforming your own life, but the lives of those around you (especially those that disagree with you about Catholicism).

Having trouble watching the video in your browser or email? Please click here to watch the video.

Tomorrow, I’ll send a follow up video on how the essential Catholic intellectual tools (most of which are free) that every Christian should start using to gain in head knowledge after they have already committed to heart knowledge of the Most Holy Trinity through the revealed life and ministry of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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