How to Deal with Depression at Christmas (plus 5 Cheerful Christmas Movies)

Christmas is not a Merry season for everyone. Some people experience sadness or depression at Christmas as they reflect upon lost spouses, family members, friends, and opportunities.

Here’s a reflection on my own struggle during Christmas in year’s past and how I worked through it:

Please click here to watch this video on Overcoming Depression at Christmas:

depression at Christmas

Question: Have you struggled with the Christmas blues or depression at Christmas before? Please share your story. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

And here are my five fun Christmas videos to get you in a cheerful mood:

To see the Top 5 Cheerful Christmas movies, click here.

Top 5 Christmas Movies

Question: Which are your favorite Christmas movies? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • piercedheart

    While I ABSOLUTELY believe that there is untold grace found in the Christ Child, I do not deny that for one second, I think we also have to be very careful when talking about depression to not confuse it with “the blues”, or maybe Seasonal Affective Disorder. Depression is a very real medical illness,often caused by chemical imbalance in the brain. It can be beyond discouraging for someone who is ravaged by this disease (as my father is) to hear – “just look to the creche and have faith” – and that is all it takes. And when they do that, they are just as ill as they were, now on top of it, have a spiritual issue to deal with, wondering if they have something spiritually wrong with them as well.

    Lovely video for many who are blue this time of year for a number of reasons – but I think we just need a bit of reassurance for those who are actually ill right now that Jesus sees them, He sees their pain, and He knows their suffering. He may not be able to take that away right now for reasons we cannot understand, but we are never ever alone. And perhaps in THAT there may be some comfort for those who suffer from the hideous illness of depression. Especially when everyone around you is full of joy and happiness.

    • Yes, you are 100% correct.

      The brain is not the same as the soul and sometimes the brain is injured, deprived, or chemically in need of medical attention.

      I’m only speaking of the blues here and not of a clinical depression. Those suffering in this way, should seek professional assistance…and the Christ Child.

      • Kate

        I have severe medical depression and I found your video very encouraging. It really is helpful to think that despite all the joy of Our Lord’s birth, there was much suffering in the midst of it for the Holy Family. Thinking on this makes me feel more united to Christ during this season, thank you.

  • I’m struggling with bouts of depression/grief this year. My younger brother succumbed to depression last April. We didn’t even know that he was sick. It’s going to be a difficult Christmas. Please pray for us. Thank you! God Bless!

    • Jeanette

      My heart goes out to you Maria. I will pray for you, your family and for Brian during this Christmas season. Draw even closer to the Child Jesus during this time. God bless you. <3

      • Thank you! We certainly need prayers. They have helped us already. I will draw closer to the Child Jesus. Will be praying for you too! God bless!

        • Jeanette

          We prayed for you and family at our prayer meeting last night. Have a blessed Christmas and God bless!

    • David Matias

      Prayers sent your way …

      • Thank you. Will pray for you too. Merry Christmas!

    • LizEst

      Words cannot express what you are feeling and will feel. I will certainly pray for you and your family, Maria.

      • Thank you! Will be praying for you too! Your prayers have helped already. Wishing you a Blessed Christmas!

  • Widow S

    Five years ago, my husband and my father died within one year and two days of each other. Their favorite time of year was Christmas. This year my only child is in second year at the university. She is growing up and has a life of her own. This is the first year I have really experienced silent days and nights. Staying up beat and engaged has been a struggle. I finally put my Christmas tree up and began a little better. One day at a time. Thank you Dr. Marshall for reminding me of the story, the challenges of the Holy Family – it is a good meditation for me today.


    A Blue Christmas for sure…. Please pray for me and my children this Christmas. As my marriage has been very troubled for months now and nothing seems to be working as one part of us no longer feels the desire to work at it. This has always been my favorite time of year since i was a child and have made it our 3 childrens favorite time of year. And even more so over the past 2 years as i have come back fully into the Church and making Christ the center not just the holiday (after being a luke warm cafeteria cradle Catholic all my life). This year they (the kids) are so full of hope and joy and i view it just like the cool dull weather we have been experiencing in TX lately. When we should be doing “family” things, we are seperated and doing them individually with the kids and they dont understand. All i get asked is “wheres mom?” It appears to be affecting me more than her and is really making this time of year very difficult for me. I fear she has entered the point of no return and I am now forced to deal with this. I lay all my pain sorrow and hurt at the foot of the cross daily, it still very very tough and this man has never shed so many tears. Please pray for my children their little hearts will need it as this unfolds. Thank u and God Bless

    • David Matias

      My heart goes out to you. I can imagine how difficult this must be. I will say a prayer for you and your family.
      I don’t know if you already pray the rosary but I recommend you to Our Mother. Especially novenas, especially Our Lady Undoer of Knots.

  • Dave Farrell

    I spent Christmas of 1998 in the psychiatric unit of Mass General Hospital in Boston. Our four children were teenagers. While I was tagged with bi-polar disorder and depressive type symptoms, the nine day hospitalization leading up to Christmas was a major downer from my perspective. It also ended up being the end of my commercial flying career. But at the time I did not know that.
    Fortunately I had purchased our Frazer Fir before having the ‘acute break’ from reality.

  • Gil Pacheco

    My All Time Top Five Christmas Movies:

    5 – Peanut’s A Charlie Brown Christmas
    4 – Chevy Chase’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
    3 – Home Alone
    2 – Jim Carrey’s A Christmas Carol and tied with Tim Allen’s Christmas with the Kranks
    …and the number one Christmas Movie of All Time is…..
    1 – Jimmy Stewart’s It’s a Wonderful Life