Become An Expert Catholic Apologist With NSTI This Year

Do you feel confident talking to non-Catholics about the faith? Are you worried you might not know what to say, or you don’t know enough about the faith to take on tough questions regarding what we believe as Catholics? Or are you an expert at defending only one area of the Church’s teaching but not so great with the others?

The New Saint Thomas Institute is offering an Apologetics Certificate in 2015 with videos that will equip you to become an expert Catholic apologist.

Watch the video below to learn more about what I’ll cover in our premium video series that will equip Catholics to defend the faith with confidence and competence:

Apologetic syllabus

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Starting Dec. 15th, NSTI will open spring enrollment for our Apologetics Certificate video series, as well as all previous content from 2013-2014 in our Theology Certificate. The videos will cover techniques on defending against:

  • Protestants
  • Judaism/Islam
  • New Age and Cults
  • Dissenting and Lapsed Catholics
  • Atheism/Secularism

As well as a video series on the moral teachings of the church (abortion, same-sex marriage, drugs, etc.) and a module on what apologetics is and how to adopt the habits of a good apologist.  You can download and view the entire syllabus here.

You don’t have to wait until Dec. 15th to get on the list though. Go to the New Saint Thomas Institute website today to get on the waiting list, and I’ll remind you when the launch begins!

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