Was Christ was Born on December 25? Here’s how to answer objections

Merry Christmas. Here’s a free book about Christ being born on December 25:

Secular magazines and “experts” on the History Channel love to gloat over Christians every December and “prove” how Christ was not born on December 25. Recently, the same “Christ wasn’t born on Dec 25” argument was taken up by Bill O’Reilly in his book Killing Jesus.

God's Birthday ebook image cover 1

In order to offer a biblical and historical argument for Christ’s birth on December 25, I’m offering all my readers a Christmas gift. It’s a free ebook copy of my book God’s Birthday: Why Christ was born on Dec 25 and why it Matters. 

You can download the entire (short) book for free by clicking here. Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. How to answer the 3 most common objections against a December 25 Birthday
  2. A Biblical Argument from Luke’s Gospel locating Christ’s birth in late December
  3. An analysis of Church Fathers who defended the birth of Christ on December 25
  4. An explanation of how the Jewish historian Josephus got the dates wrong
  5. How and why Christ was born on Dec 25 in the year 1BC

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