My wife is going to Jen Fulwiler’s Edel Gathering!

So my wife Joy just called with joy in her voice. Joy, her sister Sarah Badger from Austin, and her friend Lara Olsson (her husband Ben Olsson was the inspiration of my podcast “Golf Cart Saints”) are going to Jennifer Fulwiler’s Edel conference in South Carolina. They got their tickets and they’ve booked their hotel room! Lot’s of great Catholic women (Josh Simmon’s wife of eCatholic and Brandon Vogt‘s wife) are going to be there leaving us dads as “Edel widowers” for the weekend!

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 10.05.21 AM

Edel is an event for mothers who need a break. It’s a chance to form meaningful connections with like-minded women. It’s an opportunity to hear inspiring speakers who will encourage you in your vocation. It’s a weekend to explore Charleston, SC and toast new friends.

Joy missed last year’s Edel because we were traveling but she didn’t want to miss this year’s Edel – plus Joy loves South Carolina.

Way to go to Jennifer Fulwiler and the all the organizers of Edel. Get your tickets here. They will likely sell out in the first day!

A special congratulations to Jennifer Fulwiler. Her amazing book Something Other Than God made it to the semi-finals on Good Reads in the “Memoirs” genre for 2014. This is huge! She is up against the likes of Hilary Clinton and Rob Lowe. Dang. Way to be a Catholic witness Jennifer!

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Question: Are you going to Edel? Leave a comment below. Joy Marshall wants to meet you there! You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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