Live Webinar with Taylor on Thursday Oct 9: 4 Secrets to Helping Other People Become Catholic

The last time we did a live online “webinar,” we had almost 800 live participants. It was lots of fun and so we are doing it again.


I’m hosting another free live webinar on Thursday October 9 2014 at 7pm Central title: “4 Secrets to Helping Other People Become Catholic.”

It will be me giving a live streaming video webinar write to your computer with the ability of you to communicate with me and the team.

The purpose of this webinar (unlike last time) is to focus on not on the theological content of sharing your faith with others, but the “art” of sharing your faith: How to do it compellingly. We will accomplish the following this Thursday night:

  1. How to craft the “narrative” of your faith (we provide a free worksheet or mindmap)
  2. How to identify the “watermark” of your story
  3. How to properly navigate the “spirituality vs. religion” division that most “spiritual” people assert
  4. How to have the emotional maturity and balance to win converts and not just win intellectual battles

I don’t know of anything else like this online. It will be live and free. If we have time, we will open up the line for live questions.

Please sign up:

During the webinar, I’ll also be giving away a two 6 month memberships to the New Saint Thomas Institute for more theological online courses.

In order to be part of our online Webinar, you must sign up. Please sign up by clicking here.

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