Saint Augustine in 50 Pages Prototype Image

Steven Nelson has done it again with a great book cover design. Steven designs all my book covers and here’s his latest prototype for the new FREE book Saint Augustine in 50 Pages.

Saint Augustine ebook cover cropped

The manuscript is now being edited and prepared by Dr. Shannon Valenzuela at Sister Muses. The book should be ready soon!!!

What do you think of the concept above? Most people asked for the addition of “Saint” to the title Saint Augustine in 50 Pages even though the original Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages did not have it.

We also changed the subtitle from “The Quick Layman’s Guide” to “The Layman’s Quick Guide” since it’s not really the Layman who is being “quick.”

Question: Augustine looks a little solemn or angry but I like how he matches the Aquinas on the previous book. What do you think? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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