Contest: Name Taylor’s new Saint George novel and win

My new “young adult” novel about Saint George is getting closer to release! I want to hear from you about it.


The book is my fictional retelling of a young (Saint) George and his journey to Rome with his companion (Saint) Christopher. It presents a supernatural world of relics, persecution, prayers, ascetics, and dark demonic powers. And yes, it does have a final battle between George and “the dragon” named Molech – but the ending will surprise you!

We still need help with the title. Please leave a comment below with name suggestions. A short line from the Bible would be great. Here are some examples from Revelation:

“And the great dragon was thrown down”

“That Ancient Serpent”

“The Deceiver of the Whole World”

“the dragon gave his power”

“And they worshiped the dragon”

“The Mouth of the dragon”

“Leviathan the fleeing serpent”

“Sons and Daughters to Molech” (Jer 32:35)

“The Children to Molech” (Leviticus 20)

“Kill This Dragon” (from Daniel)

Please leave a comment below with your title suggestions. Your suggestions don’t need to be biblical…just really, really cool.

We will limit the titles to the top 5 and then run a contest.

If we choose your novel title, you’ll get 3 free signed copies of the George novel and your name inside the book in the acknowledgements!

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