I need your opinion: Is Catholicism a “joyless slog” or a Joyful Journey?

I would love to get your opinion on something. Do you think Catholicism makes people joyful and full of life or depressed and lacking in energy? I recently got this really discouraging comment from a reader:

Lifelong Catholic here (40 years). I have a hard time finding ANY impulse to share the faith. I can defend it, sure. But evangelize? Why? It’s intellectually consistent and defensible, but when the rubber meets the road, its a grueling, joyless slog. Much better to let people take their chances with invincible ignorance.”

I’ll leave this comment as anonymous. This kind of comment makes my heart slump. So sad.

What about you?

I put together an anonymous survey and I want to hear from you on 3 related questions relating to your mental attitude about being Catholic. It will take less than 10 seconds to take. When you finish it, you’ll see how other people answered (no names – it’s all anonymous):

Click here to take the survey and see how other people answered:

Take our Survey: Catholic “Joy or Joyless?” Survey (100% anonymous)

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