Holy Name and Holy Face Cards!

Are you looking for some great graduation, First Communion, or Confirmation gifts or party handouts?

Check out these new devotional cards. Many of you may remember my friend Steven Nelson. He has designed the book covers for all my published books.

Well Steven recently started a new project designing and printing Catholic devotional materials at his online shop “Holy Name Holy Face.” He’s made some cool looking holy cards that don’t look like your normal cheap holy cards:

Holy face card Holy Name card

So far he’s made a handful of items ranging from devotional cards to printed prayers and novenas. Steven is hoping to expand his catalogue with other devotional prints and items. They look pretty cool. Please show him your support, and check out his store here: Holy Name Holy Face.

Speaking of Steven Nelson, look what just arrived: the first ever paperback version of Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages arrived from the printers yesterday! Steven Nelson designed the cover – which looks fantastic. More news on the new version of Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages paperback coming soon. Till then, you can still get the ebook version for free.

photo (23)

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