Saint Augustine in 50 Pages: Results from Your Survey Poll!

The results are in! Before I announce the winner, I’d just like to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate you. I’m especially grateful to all of you that filled in the personal data (your age, liturgical preference, etc.). It helps me see who the audience is and it’s great data!

The response blew me away:

We had a total of 3,417 people vote in our book survey!

Also, the book title that I thought would win (Liturgy of Your Life) did not win. I love surprises!

For those just joining us. Like last year, I’m writing a free book for the readers of my blog and I let them vote on a book topic.

Here are the results:

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 9.33.28 AM

Answer Choices Responses
–Mary, Mother of Fair Love: A 30 Day Devotional with the Mother of Jesus
–You are Anointed: 7 Blessings God has Poured Over You
–The Liturgy of Your Life: A Practical Workbook for Making a Spiritual Life Plan
–Saint Augustine in 50 Pages: A Quick Layman’s Guide to Augustinianism
–Jesus, I Need You: How to Find Christ’s Peace during the Storms of Life
–Keep Your Faith in College: A Handbook for the Christian Freshman
Total 3,417

As you can see: Saint Augustine in 50 Pages: A Quick Layman’s Guide to Augustinianism is the winner by quite a bit.


So I’m going to start writing it this week! It’s going to be fun. Thank you all for the great idea. It should take me a month or two to write it. When I do, I’ll replace Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages with Saint Augustine in 50 Pages as the free book on the blog at

Question: Did your book win? If not, do you think other titles are worth writing in the future. Please share your thoughts with me. I’ll read them all. If you have ideas about what the book cover should look like, please leave a comment, as well. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Thomas

    I would like to see Liturgy of your Life written as well. Could it be done as an e-book in the Kindle or other such marketplaces. I’d gladly pay a few dollars for such a “practical workbook”.

    • Yes, this book came in second and I like the idea of it. It would follow the things I discuss on the podcast.

  • Augustine

    Thank you, Dr. Marshall, I really look forward to reading this.

  • Sharon Kay

    My choice did win, but it was really difficult choosing — they would all make good reading. Please do consider writing the others, too! And thank you again — your hard work is greatly appreciated!

  • LizEst

    Excellent! Thanks Dr. Marshall. Much appreciated.

  • 1grandmakathy41

    Kathy I am so happy that St. Augustine won. That was my choice and I thank the others who voted for him.

  • P. O’Neill

    I was hoping for You are Anointed or Liturgy of your Life as I thought they might be useful with my RCIA classes. Perhaps in the future. In the meantime, I’ll look forward to reading about St. Augustine. Thank you!

  • Kay

    My choice did win! I love the intellectual and you have such a great gift of simplifying hard truths and philosophical writings into easy to understand capsules (maybe I should say easy to swallow). Thank you for your dedication to teaching the laity. We certainly need all the help we can get. The Crucified Rabbi was wonderfully enlightening.

  • smartypants

    I am looking forward to it! It was hard to choose. I thought all the titles were worthy of a book.

  • Sheelagh Hanly

    Hi Taylor,
    I found it difficult to decide and voted for “Jesus, I Need You etc”.. I would read all of them. Thank you for the last book and looking forward to the next one. You are doing great work for God and the Church.

    Sheelagh Hanly

  • Maureen

    No, “my” book didn’t win (Liturgy of Your Life) but the book chosen is the book the Holy Spirit wants you to write and us to read!

  • Cathy

    Since I have 20 grandchildren, I’d like to see “keep your Faith in College, a handbood for college freshmen”. I did vote for St. augustine though and look forward to your wonderful synopsis! I love the pictures of your dear family!!

    • Gayle

      Since our oldest recently began studies at a local university, I would like to see a book written on modesty, how to define it, and why it is sooooooooooooo important. Preferably two books….one for males and the other for females.

  • DrDanno

    I also found choosing very diffecult as all the titles listed were worth of a book. I chose The Litergy of your Life because I think it is very hard to to be consistent in a world that is so fast paced.

  • Coralie Baker

    I’m not a wishy-washy person, so I love St. Augustine! I have also been a great sinner & am a convert – so, again, I feel very St. Augustine – like! Heresy drives me nuts (sorry) – I just want EVERYONE to be a real Catholic. Why, if you can receive the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ would you not? St. John is my favorite Gospel writer – how absolutely DIVINE! And, I still weep over Chpt 6 when they turn & walk away! He offers them His Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity & THEY WALK AWAY!!! What wonderful GRACE God has given me: this is the mystery, why some do not accept the gift when offered. Have you written a book about that?

  • Ann

    I was really torn between St Augustine and the Liturgy of Your Life and voted for the liturgy one. However, I am still a happy camper with St Augustine! Thank you so much for your generosity.

  • Bruce Bedford

    I am sure the book on St. Augustine will be great! I would like to put in a rather gigantic plug for “The Liturgy of Your Life.” In my head are thousands of pieces of spirituality engaged in Brownian motion, smacking each other at random, never falling into order, anxiously awaiting a liturgy. Maybe next time, eh?

  • Mark

    I am looking forward to your St. Augustine book,{and any other saint book in that you may write in the future}Thomas Aquinas in 50 pages is great!

  • rise and shine

    I voted “You are anointed” because I need to read that I am blessed… I did not vote the book about St Augustine because, among other reasons, I have not finished that about St Thomas yet!

  • Christian

    I think Augustine won because your St. Thomas book was so successful. (I voted for Augustine haha)

  • Rodrigo Ferreira

    I voted for Saint Augustine, and believe it is the winner becuase there might be a great thirsty of catholic solid doctrine to face these days as I fell by myself…(from Brazil, a catholic working with culture at our pontifical university at São Paulo)

  • Patricia Miller

    I was hoping for “The Liturgy of Your Life: A Practical Workbook for Making a Spiritual Life Plan” since I am already reading Augustine’s confessions, but all of them would be a blessing.

  • Victor

    Dear Doctor Marshall,

    This Annoying Super Sinner did not vote although, i was also asked.

    Why I did not vote is certainly a good question cause I did have plenty of notice and time.

    It certainly was not because I don’t admire all the work that you’re doing to bring Catholic Boy Scouts back to the days of old when a blessing was a blessing and when sins were truly sins. Also not because most people might find you holier than thou cause you try very hard to admit when you sometimes do make mistakes. 🙁

    The only reason that I can think of is that maybe because there are so many so call leaders who nowadays believe that if the majority are convinced that “Jesus” thinks a different way, we Catholics should accept what these majority now believe, in other word, “IT” should all be OK with us Catholics.

    Long story short, I’m probably afraid that like “Jesus” who was crucified and never backed down no matter what…… anyway longer story shorter…. your family needs YA so slow down a little! (lol)

    I’ll close by saying that I don’t read too many books but I will try reading your book before your next birthday. (lol)

    God Bless

  • Christopher.Francis.Patrick

    Dr. Marshall,

    Thank you for your post. I look forward to reading your new book. However, my vote was for how to keep your faith in college. I work in residence life and campus ministry at a small Catholic college in Indiana and would be interested in hearing your suggestions for what reading you’ve found most helpful for remaining strong in Catholic faith as a college student. Thank you for your time and your suggestions. God bless you.

    • “How to Keep Your Faith in College” is essential and I want to do something on this – probably an online course coming in the next year!

  • Susy K

    The Liturgy of your life was my second choice. Please write it next. God bless you for what you’re doing for the faith.

    • Liturgy of Life is the one that I thought would win. It came in second place last year, too.

  • Genevieve

    Is it possible for you to write You are anointed too? It’s a good read for those who wants to find meaning in their lives. Especially for educators and guidance counselors like me.

  • Joel A. Christian

    I am happy to say I voted for the Saint Augustine in 50 Pages: A Quick Layman’s Guide to Augustinianism. The Aquinas in 50 Pages was a great help this first year of Seminary. I look forward to the knowledge gained from this new book. Thanks for all your work Dr. Marshall, and for keeping us enlightened.

  • andrea mitchell

    Jacket cover:
    St. Ambrose baptizing St. Augustine

  • Darren

    No, the Liturgy of Your Life didn’t win but it’s worth five bucks. Sorry for the multiple photos of St. Augustine it’s difficult to from google images and see it before sharing.

  • queensrealm

    Yes, my choice won … and for the cover, my thoughts are that you could emphasize the answer to prayer with St. Monica praying over her son, or some idea like that.

  • richard ruesch

    I would first say thanks for being interested in writing about what interests we all have in common. I hope that you might consider writing a comprehensible story about God’s plan including his will to act to select Mary for his Sons Mother; a singular and efficacious grace for it all to happen as we know it did, from her moment to accept her role, continuing until and last judgment day……what a spectacular event that will be…….. and for ever more.

  • Guest

    Your podcast deals a lot with your personal prayer life and it inspired me to improve my own. So yes, i would love to read a book about the “Liturgy of Your Life”

  • Mary Kariuki

    Dear Taylor, how I wish the Liturgy of your Life would have won, I voted for it also last year but it did not pass, please have a second thought of writing it because I thing it will be a book for everyday living and not to be read once and leave it.

  • I voted for St. Augustine and I can’t wait to read it! The Liturgy and your Life would have been my second choice and I think a book like that would be a great asset to so many people – especially written in your accessible style! Thank your Dr. Marshall for generously and humbly sharing your gifts!

  • Barbara Gibbons

    Dr. Marshall, I am so pleased! I love reading about the saints (specifically the Doctors of the Church) so for you, who writes in a way that flows well and is easily read, to write about St Augustine will be a real treat for me. Yes, that is the book I voted for! I can’t wait for it to be complete and God Bless and inspire you in this endeavor.

  • Karen

    I recently discovered your website from a friend at church and was so excited to get the St. Thomas e-book. I shared the information with my adult RE class last night as we are studying early Church history. Some of the people had expressed an interest in learning more about two Doctors of the Church – you guessed it – St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas. The topic last night covered St. Augustine briefly, so the timing was perfect. Thank you!

  • Thomas Edward Augustine

    I confess that I was biased toward Augustine since I chose his name at confirmation when I was 21 years of age. I enjoyed the book on Thomas Aquinas very much, so I’m very excited that you will be doing Augustine as well. What a great birthday gift to everyone. Thank you!

  • richard ruesch

    NEW BOOK ??
    I hope that you will one day, write about the singular, efficacious grace that was given to the BVM, by almighty God, making it possible for her to accept her role as the Mother of our Lord, Jesus Christ. can we possibly imagine what it will be like to see the coming of our Lady along side her son at the last judgment; don’t want to miss it while being or having died while in the state of Sanctifying Grace.
    I am sure that your writing efforts for preparing the book on Saint Augustine will be a match for your book on Saint Thomas Aquinas; it is an excellent read. thanks for my copy.

  • Debbie

    I’m a little late to the party, but I would have picked St. Augustine. He’s my saint for this year and his books are in my library but overwhelm me when I open them.

  • Mary Martha Pazos

    I think you should keep the list and add to it as ideas arise, kind of like a seedbed.