Sacred Heart and the Spear: A Good Friday Meditation

Imagine for a moment that you are Saint Longinus, the centurion who plunged his spear into the chest of the dead Jesus of Nazareth.

Fra_Angelico_027 longinus

You have carried this spear for years. You know its weight. You have sharpened its point. You have killed dozens of men with this same spear. It’s yours.

Today, is a hard day. A controversial execution. You speak Latin with your comrades and watch the hours pass. However, you keep looking up at this man Jesus. You see His Mother Mary. His disciple John. His disciple Mary Magdalene. The crowd is bigger than usual. You look up and see the eyes of Jesus. You see all His wounds. Occasionally, His eyes fall on you. He looks at you. You’re killing Him, but He’s not angry at you.

After it becomes dark, there is an earthquake. Now you’re a little nervous.

“It is finished.”

Your boss comes over and says, “Is the scourged man dead yet?”

You say, “Yes, I think so.”

“Stab him with your spear. Make sure.”

So you push your spear into his chest. The body does not flinch or move. You have to push pretty hard to break through skin, muscle, and bone. It goes deep – all the way to the Heart.

When you pull the spearhead out, blood and water gush out from the hole in His side. The blood and water sprinkle your head, shoulders, and feet.

That wetness on your hair and forehead has transformed you. Suddenly you’ve been converted. You are born again.

You are the only person in history to literally pierce the Heart of God. Although Jesus was already dead – in His deity and in His soul He loves you. He smiles on you in your new identity with Him.

Each of us is Longinus. Each of us has pushed our spear into the side of Jesus.

Today, on Good Friday, imagine yourself pushing the spearpoint into His side. That spearpoint represents your mortal sin, your venial sin, your worries, your complaints, and your ingratitude. You know it’s weight. You’ve carried it for years. You’ve spent a lot of time sharpening it. You’ve hurt a lot of people with it.

So lift it up high and push it with effort into the man who is your God, Savior, and King. His pure water and blood will moisten your head. You now belong to Him forever.

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