Announcing the 10 Winners of Signed Copies of The Catholic Perspective on Paul

Here are the 10 winners of the 10 signed copies of my book The Catholic Perspective on Paul. My twin daughters Mary Claire and Rose picked the winners:

  1. Darryl Matuya
  2. Father Guillermo E. Gabriel-Maisonet
  3. Allan Dos Santos
  4. Judy Williamson
  5. Roxanne Carrasco
  6. Tina Fisher
  7. Paul Wiswall
  8. Eunice Campit Salem
  9. Josue C. Cuzon
  10. Christopher Hamm

Paul Ebook White (1)
Send me a message with your address, and I’ll send you your copy of Catholic Perspective on Paul this coming week!

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who “liked” the page. We had 849 new people sign up for the giveaway. We’ll do another give away soon!


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