Your Free Christmas Gift: God’s Birthday – Why Christ was Born on Dec 25 and Why It Matters

To show my appreciation and gratitude to everyone who subscribes to this blog and to all the Members of the New Saint Thomas Institute, I’m giving you a Christmas gift. It’s a book:

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Christ was Born on Christmas: Why December 25?

After doing research on the subject, I am convinced that Christ was truly born on December 25 (against what all the experts say on TV, Time, and Newsweek). More than that, I believe that he was born on December 25 in the year 1BC. In our calendar, there was no year 0. It goes from 1 BC to 1 AD.

This would mean that Dec 2013 is really and truly the 2013th anniversary of Christ’s birth on Dec 25. My convictions on this matter (which may seem shocking) are based on the Church Fathers, secular history, and an analysis of the faulty dating of Josephus regarding the reign and death of Herod. Locating the precise date of Christ’s birth has important theological ramifications.

How do you get your copy?

God’s Birthday will be on sale for Kindle download. However, it will be available for FREE as an ebook to everyone who becomes an email subscriber to this blog. You can subscribe by clicking here.

“What if I am already a subscriber?”

If you are already an email subscriber to my weekly blog posts, simply update your profile and check the blocks that apply to you so that I know what you would like more of by way of posts and free items. You’ll also get a digital copy. Update your existing subscriber profile, by clicking here.

When is it available?

It will be available to everyone by December 20. Stay tuned. We are still formatting the text file. In the meantime, become a FREE subscriber or update your subscription profile by clicking here.

Happy Advent and Merry Christmas!

ad Jesum per Mariam,

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God's Birthday ebook image cover 1

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  • Jasper Monroe Ylanan

    Ooooh. Freebies. Yey!

  • Jared Clark

    Thanks, Dr. Marshall!

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  • Pius

    Thank you, Dr. Marshall…

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  • Trevor

    Thanks Dr. Marshall! Just to clarify, do we need to update our subscription if we are a member of the NSTI, or will it be available in our account there?

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  • Ron Conte

    Dr. Marshall, I’m reading through the book now. Are you saying also that Jesus died on March 25th of 33 AD?

    • There are only two choices where the calendars coincide and Pilate was around:

      April 7 of 30 AD
      April 3 of 33 AD

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  • Adam

    A Dead Sea Scrolls discovery of recent years has shed definitive light on the date of Jesus’ birth.
    In 1958, Israeli scholar Shemaryahu Talmon published an in-depth study on the Qumran calendar (Parchment 321 — 4 Q 321) and reconstructed the order of the priestly rota system for the Jerusalem temple (1 Chron 24, 7-18) in New Testament times. According to the Qumran calendar, the family of Abijah, of which John the Baptist’s father Zechariah was a descendant (Lk 1:5), was required to officiate twice a year on the days 8-14 of the 3rd month and on the days 24-30 of the 8th month. This latter period fell at the end of September. The Byzantine calendar celebrates ‘John’s conception’ on September 23 and his birth 9 months later on June 24. The ‘6 months’ after the Annunciation feast on March 25 comes 3 months before the forerunner’s birth, prelude to the 9 months in December. December 25 is real history.

    • Ron Conte

      All the priestly courses were required to serve at the Temple during the Feast of Tabernacles, the Feast of Passover, and Pentecost (the Feast of Weeks). Also, for any year, we can determine the dates of Tishri, so as to narrow the time frame for Zechariah’s time of service during the Feast of Tabernacles.

    • 1grandmakathy41

      Thanks for the information about the date of December 25.

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  • Maria

    Ah. Another wrench to throw in the works. Eager to see your perspective on this one, Dr. Marshall!! Thanks for your kind gift……

  • Barb Aschenbrener

    I have updated my subscription. How do I download the book?

  • Brenda

    I updated my profile. How do I download the book?

  • jessie

    thanks dr marshall. i’ve also updated my profile. how can i download the book after that?

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  • Dr. Marshall,
    Merry Christmas! For some reason I seem incapable of getting your latest e-book on the date of Christmas. I’ve been a subscriber for quite some time and have updated my preferences, but still haven’t received the book. Let me know what I’m doing wrong, I’d love to give this a read. Thanks.

  • John DeGennaro

    Thanks so much, Dr. Marshall. For those who say they have downloaded the book, how did you do so? Like others have mentioned, I see no way to download it, even though I have updated my profile, and am a member of the NSTI. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • KateGladstone

    I’ve just updated my blog subscription. When and how will I receive the free e-book?

  • CDville

    I see all over the internet that December 25 is not the real birthday of Jesus, so I would love to see your report, but subscribers who update their preferences are not getting any emails to download the book. I hope your tech guys get back from vacation soon!

  • Kirk Arbuckle

    Having difficulty downloading your book?? Help would be welcomed – God Bless

  • Diana Bush

    I too have updated my profile and have not received an email or any way of downloading the book.

  • MaryB03

    I’d really like the free electronic copy of God’s birthday, but I’m going around in circles trying to get one. I’m already a subscriber (and I really like the blog). Can you help straighten me out before this offer is no longer available? Thank you.

  • Jacq

    I don’t know how to update my profile so I can get the book!

  • Maria

    Hi Dr. Marshall…..

    Like others, I’ve updated my file, looking for the link to be sent to me to download the book on this fascinating subject. It never came……Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Simon Naputo

    Ow.. I Missed this one. Hi Dr Marshall, can you give me a copy if this? Thanks

  • Kasey Jones

    Hi Dr. Marshall,

    I am teaching a Christmas class this month and really hoping to get ahold of your book God’s Birthday. I really enjoyed the material in Eternal City defending the traditional December date. I can’t seem to find the book for sale. If you can let me know where to get it I would be grateful. Blessings.

  • TLChapman

    Did I misunderstand your comments on Mr. Church’s show? I thought God’s Birthday was already available to subscribers but I cannot find any way to get it. I wanted to print it on some very pretty Christmas paper and send it in hardcopy to my Mom in another state so that she can read it on Christmas Day. She does not have a computer so I would not be able to just email it to her.