Read the Summa in One Year!

We released two great video classes today (November 12) at the New Saint Thomas Institute:

  • [Video] How to Read the Summa theologiae in 1 Year!
    (Interview with David Palmer)
  • [Video] How to Avoid Making Logical Fallacies (Part 1)

We also released the mp3 audio only versions for these 2 new videos above and for:

  • [Video] the Seven Deadly Sins Video Course
  • [Video] Can Pagans be Virtuous (4 Cardinal Virtues) Video Course

Our ‘Learning Latin’ Course

We are also working on a NSTI multi-part series “How to Pronounce and Learn Ecclesiastical Latin” for the end of November.

This Latin series will be offered as a separate course to the public, but NSTI members will get it for free. A perk for our loyal members.

Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages

Meanwhile, the Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages ebook is moving toward publication as a paperback and Kindle version.

Facebook Memes

Please “Like” us on Facebook and start getting our snazzy Catholic Facebook Memes to share. Our member Sam Guzman is making them and they look great. Here’s an example of our Facebook Memes:

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ad Jesum per Mariam,

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