Let’s Replace Black Friday with Charity Friday

Let’s replace Black Friday with Charity Friday! We need to return to a theology of generosity.

On Twitter, I encouraged my friends not to spend today (Black Friday) marauding the malls to save 5% on something that will broken or out of fashion nine months from now.

Instead, why not spend it with family?

Which would you rather do:

1. Camp outside Best Buy for a flatscreen TV and risk being trampled…

(click here if you don’t see the video)


2. Cuddle up in a soft blanket and nibble on some left over pecan pie for breakfast and call someone just to say, “I love you. How was your Thanksgiving yesterday? Well I’m thankful for you.”

Hugh Macken (@hughmacken – you should follow him) responded saying that we should replace #BlackFriday with #CharityFriday, and I couldn’t agree more.

@TaylorRMarshall Let’s replace #BlackFriday w/ #CharityFriday. Charities like @CatholicRelief deserve limelight & $ on day after Thxgivng!

— hugh macken (@hughmacken) November 28, 2013

The premise of #BlackFriday is go out and buy, buy, buy in order to give gifts at Christmas. The premise of #CharityFriday is to give your hard earned money to others in extreme needProvide water for a village. Schools. Relief for those suffering from earthquakes.

The theology of generosity comes from Our Lord Jesus Christ: “It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).”

If you’re on Twitter, please send out a tweet: “We should replace #BlackFriday with #CharityFriday.”

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