When God Rewards You with Babies – A Quiver Full

How do you know when God rewards you? You might be surprised. It often has to do with…babies!

When God Rewards You

We have a promise directly from the Holy Spirit in the pages of Sacred Scripture:

“Lo, sons are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the sons of one’s youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.” (Psalm 126[127]:3–5)

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My blessed vista at supper every night: “May your wife will be a fruitful vine within your house; your children will be like olive shoots around your table.” (Ps 127[128]:3)

Two quick questions for you and for everyone you know:

1. Do you believe that babies are a “reward”?

2. Do you want a quiver full of them?

The Cocktail Party Conversation

If you were at a cocktail party and someone asked, “What do you do for a living?” and you responded, “I built my own business.”

Reply: “That’s great. How many employees do you have?”

If you answer, “Two employees,” the response would be “Oh, that’s nice.”

If you answered, “Two thousand,” the response would be, “Oh wow. That’s amazing. You must be an amazing entrepreneur. Tell me more.”

Now transform that conversation to one about family.

“How many children do you have?”

If you answer, “Two children, a boy and a girl,” the answer will be, “Way to go! You have two and you’re through. Good thing you lucked out and had one of each right away, right!”

But if you answer, “Eleven children, seven girls and four boys,” the room will get quiet and the crickets will start chirping.

If you have lots of employees, that’s a good thing. If you there are more people in the football stadium, that’s a good thing. If the seats are full for the concert, that’s a good thing. If lots of people are present for your birthday, that’s a good thing.

But if you’re dinner table or mini-van is full…that’s a bad thing…What?!

A Satanic Conspiracy?

There is a Satanic conspiracy about having children. We have seven beautiful children and we are “pitied” by people all the time. We were out to dinner last week and an older lady came over and told my wife Joy (surrounded by seven children) and told her how bad she felt for her. What? It’s a good thing my wife’s a saint and didn’t clobber the lady.

Let’s get back to the Bible. ““Lo, sons are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Here’s another one:

Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your children will be like olive shoots around your table. Behold, thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord.” (Psalm 127[128]:3–4)

How to Be Blessed!

The relationship between being a blessed married couple and wanting a “quiver full” and “shoots around your table” is in the Holy Bible. It’s part of God’s revealed truth. You can’t be a Christian and pretend it’s not true or doesn’t apply.

Too often we speak of happiness, but not enough about being blessed. Being blessed means that God’s favor is upon you and you have deep joy. Happiness depends on what happens. They have the same linguistic root. But joy is placed in our hearts by God. Nobody, not even the devil or your boss, can take that away from you. You alone can relinquish you joy.

Strive to be blessed and have that joy and peace that only Jesus Christ can give you. Be blessed every day. If you’re in Christ Jesus, you are blessed. Now go out there and be the salt of the earth. Be salty.

Be Not Afraid!

Don’t be afraid to have a large family for Jesus. It’s the most rewarding thing that you can do.

Question: Have you had similar awkward conversations about family size? What is your experience with having a “quiver full”? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

PS: If you’re interested in the Jewish and early Christian prohibitions against contraception and abortion, I have a section on it this book.

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  • Ron Pereira

    You better watch out Tay… I’m right on your heals, bro. Baby Pereira #6 will be here in November. Her name is Molly Rose… PLEASE PRAY FOR HER AND MY WIFE! 🙂

    • Melanie Behnke

      How fun We have a Molly Rose, too. 🙂

  • Douglas Beaumont

    Here’s how I usually see it going:

    Wedding Day: “So . . . when are you going to have a baby?!?!?!?”
    First Pregnancy: “OMG, congrats! Let’s throw a shower and talk about it for 9 months!”|
    Second pregnancy: “Oh, good. That’s great. Do you need anything?”
    Third pregnancy: “You know, they figured out what causes that, right?”

    • Proteios

      Sounds like you have been listening in on some of my phone calls with my parents.

      • Douglas Beaumont

        Haha. Yeah this is basically a transcript from mine. 🙂

    • DB

      That is exactly what happens. When you tell them for the 4th time sometimes you actually get a birth control/sex talk from your mother.

    • ThereseZ

      I am so sorry I ever said that to anyone, before I grew up and got a brain. I was insufferably smug.
      I work extra-hard to make up for it when I am around big families who are nearing the boiling point: they get a big smile, and I’ll jump them ahead of me in line, if I can.

      • Douglas Beaumont

        Been there, done that. 🙂

  • missmissy68

    I would have loved to have as many kids as possible, but God gave us only 3. And it took a lot of suffering through infertility, along with suffering at the hands of “holy” people who assume we use birth control (which we never have), and other “holy” people who judge us because of the infertility treatments. Honestly, I hate this subject. Just the thought of “God rewards you with a big family” normally leads the infertile to conclude that He’s punishing us with a small family. So, YAY! for you that you have a great, big, gigantic, amazing, growing family. Hopefully, my reward will be in Heaven.

    • I think this post was poorly thought out and/or expressed. Children are a blessing. It is up to God how many of those blessings a couple will receive. Couples should be open to receive the number God wishes to bestow. That number maybe 1, 3 or 12. No one should judge why you have the number you do. Smaller families can be holy families too.

      • queensrealm

        I do not think that Dr. Marshall had intended to judge anyone in his article, He basically quoted a scripture passage and that is truth…As for ‘how full is the quiver’ for each person, is truly up to God to place the measurement… For some, 1 or 2 would be their quota and for others, it could range from 6 – 12 or even more….The ‘well known Duggar family’ have had 21 in all, 19 with them…Now that is a quiver full indeed, but, should I feel slighted if God granted us with ‘a quiver full at the count of 12’… Not at all, I feel blessed and if I had one I would feel blessed…as EACH CHILD is a gift, whether one or twenty-one. I believe Dr Marshall was emphasizing ‘the blessings of a quiver full’ and everyone’s quiver might have a different measuring scale… I believe another point he tried to make is that people often scorn a ‘large family’ as a bad thing… yet, in comparison to have large numbers to all other occasions is a good thing… Go figure!

      • Long-Skirts

        Of course small families are a blessing if that is what God gives you. It’s all about “intent”…as long as you are open then that’s wonderful but you have to understand that it’s the large families that are terribly ridiculed in our society today. Just because someone has a small family doesn’t mean they’re not blessed and I would NEVER question them, I assume that is what God is giving until they say something as in, “I don’t NEED any more kids, I got my husband fixed.” Then I know and just pray for them. Whether you’re infertile or can only have a few children if your INTENT is to open to God you are living a holy, Catholic life.

        • SusanneKY

          I’ve gotten plenty of ridicule for just having one…I finally got to the point of looking people in the eye and saying that I lost two and couldn’t have any more, and consider the one I have as a miracle…usually that shames them into shutting up.

    • A.P. Hill

      This is something that my wife recently realized that she and many of us in traditional/orthodox Catholic circles think about far too frequently. All children are a precious gift from God, no matter how many siblings they have or how difficult they were to conceive. I think we all need to take great care to stress that point above all else rather than presuming to know each family’s circumstances and only lauding large families.

    • Adam Anderly


      I feel for you here as we have known many families including close family members and friends that have struggled with infertility and suffered through those same feelings. I believe Matt’s comment about being open to the number God wishes to bestow is right on. It may be 1, 10 or it may be none and he may have other, equally important work and blessings in store.

      I do not judge you or assume anything and I pray that no one else does.

      As you mentioned, all of us have our ultimate reward in Heaven, but I’m sure your 3 beautiful children are a small taste of that great reward to come!

      • This is a difficult subject with those that are infertile or have difficulty conceiving. The post implies that a reward of children is a blessing. Thus those that don’t have or have little families are ipso facto, ‘punished’?

        As for other blessings and works that are equal to not having children, I doubt this is any comfort because children cannot be replaced with material things.

        What MissMissy is hoping for is our eternal reward to compensate what God had not allowed on earth.

        • leogirl87

          He did not say anything about being punished if you have a small family. Some people are infertile and cannot have any children at all. Others have one or two and want more but God didn’t give them more. I know a woman who wanted 12 kids but only ended up with 4.

          Children are blessings. The fact that some people do not have children or have trouble conceiving doesn’t change that. It simply means we should think of large families as blessings from God rather than frown upon anyone who has more than two children.

          • Liberty

            There is a HUGE difference between saying something is a “blessing” and saying something is a “reward.” A blessing is a gift. A reward is a prize for doing something right. This post is about children as rewards. Get the picture???

        • Gail Finke

          I see what you’re saying but we must not be so “either, or.” There are lots of blessings I don’t have — that doesn’t mean I’m cursed because I don’t have them. Bad things happen to good people, that doesn’t mean those people are cursed.

    • Ham

      I agree! I think the world judges large families, but often those in the church make false assumptions or judgments about small families. The assumption hat you are selfish and use contraception. I have heard and felt this myself. We must be careful to be kind to those who struggle with fertility or are just not given as many children by God. I understand your frustration.

    • jenny

      JP2 in “Love and Responsibility” said that children are a joy and a burden at the same time.
      If we pretend that it is only a joy, then, we my think why there are 1 in 4 children with no fathers ? – see any USA statistics.

    • Rick

      Missmissy68, God didnt punish you with less children, any more than he “blessed” people like the Duggars who create children as commodities for money and fame. There are Christians who believe Donald Trump was favored by God because he is a billionaire. Ive read enough of his books to tell that he is not a Godly man at all, certainly not more than the decent poor people I’ve known. The truth is that there are physical laws in this universe that create our circumstances, and that we must manage as best we can. God created these laws as a test, to see what choices we would make in this life. God wants us to be happy & help us in this life, but remember that He doesnt judge people by what they have in this life. That’s the very materialistic, Pharisee-type logic that Jesus fought against and was killed for opposing. (Remember the parable of the widow’s coin). The fact that we see ideas like that in Christian and Catholic circles just shows us how far today’s “Christianity” has fallen from the Gospel. God bless you and your family.

  • Dan

    I grew up with only one brother. I sometimes envied the kids with larger families. Being part of a large family is good training for life in the church and in society. Our culture views a large family as a hindrance to the individual. But I think a case could be made that being part of a large family can actually help an individual become better socialized.

    • JMJT

      St. John the Baptist, an only child ,was a bit of a loner, on the other hand Jesus Christ, another only child, mixed rather well but he too ultimately made some fierce enemies. Cain and Able were brothers but they did not get along so well. These bible stories can be a source of consolation to the only child.

      • Dan

        No doubt about it. Thanks.

  • David Lesperance

    We have nine children and I’m surprised constantly how supportive people are when we tell them. Sure, I’ve had the comment, “you know what causes that, don’t you?” a number of times, but I’m not offended. We are a sign of contradiction; I expect nothing but surprise. Fortunately, we have never had anyone express pity for us, as you recount in this post. I do recognize a large family as a blessing and a tremendous responsibility. As for the blessing, this is just one way God blesses those he loves. For those struggling with infertility, their experience can be one of tremendous disappointment. I think it’s important to note that if God has allowed infertility for a couple, He will bless them in other very unexpected ways. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9.

    • Jabot

      I am sorry but ‘tremendous dissapointment’ as a description of the pain and loss of multiple misscarriages and infertility is just utterly inadequate and insensitive

      • David Lesperance

        Dan, we have experienced miscarriage as well. Words always fail to express the fullness of true joy and absolute devastation. That is part of the human condition. May God bless you!

  • Jabot

    Likewise missmissy68 – we have been married for 8 years and only one succesful pregnancy (with a lot of help). This kind of thing does make us feel like we are NOT being rewarded/blessed. We also attend the TLM with a lot of ‘more blessed’ families, and although no-one has ecer said anything directly we have had ‘looks’. For us also its a painful subject – so our sympathies and prayers

    • Adam Anderly


      At our parish, we have taken part in a group that actively shares stories of “losing children” (miscarriage) with the larger parish. Some families simply cannot do it because the pain is too great, but for those that can, it is a great opportunity to share the pain with others that may have never experienced this or are unaware of the great trials some families are facing. It can truly be a “coming together” moment for a parish as it opens the eyes of those that have never experienced this pain and loss first hand and it can be a great healing for those that have as they receive support and love from the community.

      My greatest prayers that you are comforted by Him and that those who surround you will never pass judgment, but instead offer their support and love.

  • Guest

    I love this post. Building a culture of life means cultivating and encouraging large families, and we need it more than ever in this culture that criticizes and mocks those who believe children are a blessing.

    Our church is filled with large families of 6+, which means many crying babies who seem to howl especially during the sermon, but our priest doesn’t mind. He says it is the future of the parish, and I couldn’t agree more.

    Here’s to big, joyful, Catholic families!

    • roddma

      Blessings mean different things to everyone. The focus should be on worship and not a contest of who has the most children.

  • John

    My quiver is full..seven boys and one girl. The more the merrier! When asked why we had “so many” I always laughed and said that we are doing our best to elevate the ‘gene pool’. Children are the greatest blessing God gives us in this life. They are a joy. I have learned so much about life and sacrifice and patience from them.

  • Adam Anderly

    Amen brother! The conversation usually goes like this.

    Someone: “How many children do you have?”
    Us: “Four, two boys and two girls.”
    Someone: “You know what causes that, right?”
    Us: “Oh yes, we’re well aware!”

    Even when we only had 3 children, when we would tell people how many children we had they’d usually say, “Whoa, BIG family!”

    I’m so glad you quoted that Psalm because I firmly believe in it and often will ask people “What other gifts/rewards/blessings from God do you reject?”

  • Amanda

    I agree with missmissy68 and Jabot. There is a tremendous blessing of a large family, but your article doesn’t take into account those families who pray, want, desire and are not blessed by God to have large families.

    As a woman with infertility I join the ranks of Sarah, Elizabeth, and the Blessed Virgin Mary who despite their circumstances had to wait and trust that God was blessing us in other ways. I include the Blessed Virgin Mary in this because she wasn’t supposed to have children as a Consecrated Virgin and through her trust and fiat was able to bring our Lord into this world.

    God has certainly blessed you and your family, praise God for that. However please understand that there are those who are unable to share in the same blessings that you and many others have been given.

  • Paul

    So then, is there any connection to our society being one with an average of 1.2 children (or whatever the stat is) and us, as members of society, not living out our purpose for God as a whole?

  • MarytheDefender

    I have a question about this. I visited an urban poor community some months ago. While we where there, one of our host families told us that the child they were caring for wasn’t really theirs. He was left at there doorstep to be adopted. The poor child’s mother had so many children, they could not afford to take care of them all. In fact the boy’s brother, a few years older has already died from being malnourished and neglected. It really is a tragic situation. And it hits so much closer to home when you are there. Many people in the Philippines are using situations like this to support contraception in the Reproductive Health Law. I am against contraception! But its hard to put up a strong fight when faced with realities like this. When you see and understand the suffering of the poor with large families they can’t support. Children wandering the streets looking for food in the garbage. How does one deal with this? And still support that children are a blessing and contraception is sinful?

    • Mary

      The situation you describe comes from multiple injustices that have nothing to do with the children themselves. Husbands should never force themselves on their wives; using contraception would not suddenly make it all right to do so. No one should be in a situation where they cannot economically support themself; though more people are more difficult to feed, the problem arises from poverty (which can be due to political injustice, educational failings, or personal choices, depending on the country and situation). Children do not cause poverty, but the can be hurt by it.

      In any situation where raising a large family is difficult, natural means of spacing births should be employed (note that these are also cheaper than contraceptives and since they are based on knowledge of one’s own body, they are “re-usable”). Adoption is also an option when the child’s life would otherwise be in danger. Reality is difficult, but it’s difficult for all teachings, not just those concerning children.

  • Mary Simpson

    Thank you for the post. The local Churches (US Catholic Church??) need to teach the beauty of NFP. I never got this. My daughter got “the talk” but it was presented as this is what “weird” Catholics practice. Women need to hear how very important this profession is – even if they have a degree that may be ” wasting away”. Men need to learn to be more helpful with the children and the household duties. It’s a hard job!
    We have all been taught how terrible overpopulation is. We are now finding out (or should I say I am now finding out) that the countries that will be most productive in the future are the ones with the population to do so. We now all realize that an aging population, without a corresponding younger population is a curse. Look at Social Security. We are not the only country facing this issue.
    How do we re-educate ourselves?
    My prayers go out to those who are having difficulties having children. God bless

  • I love this post on the Blessing of a large family. At the same time, it saddens me that when my husband and I were having our own family we were Protestant and believed the “satanic lie” that you should be happy with having the “lucky one of each – a girl and boy”. The prevailing wisdom was to have only what you “can afford”. That is another lie – to have a smaller number so you can afford to give them everything secular culture says they need to be successful and happy. Material wealth equals happy children – another proven lie.

    If it had been God’s will and I had been Catholic, knowing and believing as I do now, I would have welcomed many more!

    To all of the younger Catholics who are practicing the faith by being open to large families- May God bless you! I love to see all of those little ones at Mass. You strengthen my faith and also bring gladness to my heart!

    Blessing to you and Joy, Dr. Marshall and your lovely Catholic family!

  • Allison Maricelli-Loukanis

    That is sadly true that society does not support big families. My sister in law used to be harassed at the donut shop by a man who would ask her if she needed birth control. She has five. There are reasons for this…one is kids are expensive and another is that there are fewer resources and more people plus the guy at the donut shop was just a jerk. That is just a fact… but I think the most telling reason is that folks are encouraged to be more selfish and that I agree is a Satanic type of thing. We are being taught to devalue kids and to devalue parents. Most “funny” tv shows depict parents as stupid twits utterly confused by conniving kids. We put our jobs first and put our kids in daycare. We staff our daycares with people who don’t want to be there and who play into the vicious cycle of devaluing kids. I support big families. Especially if you can afford to have them..kids are a blessing. I was fortunate to be able to be home and homeschool mine. Would not have changed it even though we gave up other things to do this. But they were material things. Anyway…I have another soap box for welfare and bringing up kids in that system but will wait for another day for that one.

  • Mollie

    My husband’s reply to “You know what causes that, don’t you?” was, “Yes, and we love it!” That usually got a laugh and took away any awkwardness.

    • JMJT

      I think some big family parents are overly sensitive about these comments which are often not malicious at all. For instance my first question used to be ” How do you remember all those names, do the children have numbers?” , I noticed that some parents seemed offended, but it was actually an honest question because a few times I called my only child by his dog’s name. This upset my son very much but when I inadvertently I called the dog by my son’s name, the dog would just stare patiently and wait for me to correct the error.

  • Lorraine

    My husband would respond to negative comments about our 7 little ones, (5 sons and 2 daughters), with this: ” Yes, we do know what causes it and I just wished she’d let me sleep once in awhile!” That shut them up. As for those suffering from infertility, yes it is a cross, caused by choices made in the past, physical problems, etc, but we should not be at odds over how God blesses any family. All Catholic families in union with the Magisterium have a common enemy. Let’s unite and fight the culture of death together.

    • Lorraine,

      You need to be careful how you choose your words.

    • Clara


      Yes, please choose your words more carefully! Your comment “…yes it is a cross, caused by choices made in the past…” is INCREDIBLY insensitive and hurtful!

      People with infertility have done nothing wrong to deserve it! We do not have sins in our past which caused it! We live in a sinful and broken world and bad things happen. Infertility happens, through no fault of those suffering from it.

      I’m not sure what you had in mind, but most people with infertility have a disease causing the infertility. The most common causes are Endometriosis and Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Both are treatable with Natural Procreative Technology (NaPro Technology). But there is never a 100% guarantee a pregnancy will follow.

      • daisy

        I will be the only honest infertile person here. I can’t have children because of what I did in college. I choose not to get angry at other people, or presume to tell them what to think or write and I refuse to live as an emotional cripple. I am not a victim. I made bad choices and now I and my husband live with them forever.

        • Lorraine

          Thank you for your clear and honest thinking, Daisy. I too have made many mistakes that I have to live with the today. This defensiveness belongs to the politically correct minds. The truth hurts before our wounds can be healed. that is for all of us, fertile or not.

    • Brandy

      And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him. John 9:2-3

      Praise God.

  • J.L.

    Wow. This post was really hurtful. I’m infertile. I went into menopause when I was in high school, for no apparent reason (I was not on the Pill). My husband and I will never have children, and for now anyway, adoption is not an option for us. Does this mean I’m being punished by God? I cannot put into words how painful infertility is. Being a faithful Catholic makes it worse. I’ve struggled for a long time with questions like, “Why me?” and thinking that God doesn’t love me because I’m so messed up. I’m glad you have so many kids. Good for you. But you might want to consider how hurtful your words might be to other people before calling them a reward.

    • Mary

      Just because some people have certain blessings doesn’t mean that God didn’t give you a different blessing. My sister is blessed with the ability to draw and paint; I’m not being “punished” by not receiving the same blessing. You aren’t “messed up” or unloved because you’re body doesn’t function perfectly. Would you tell someone with depression, Down’s Syndrome, or some other condition that they are “messed up” and that God is punishing them? I would hope not, so don’t be so hard on yourself for something you have no control over.

      Infertility IS painful, but having people judge you (and your children) by basically implying that your children should never have existed is painful in its own way. I’m a 3rd child (I have no children of my own), and there are actually people out there that think I am a drain on society and that I don’t have as much right to live on this planet as first and second born children.

      The point of the article was that having lots of children is a blessing, but that are culture says that it’s a curse. One person being blessed should not make you feel cursed. God is blessing you in your own way; you can be sure of that.

      • Rick

        The point J.L. is making (as well as many others in this thread), is that it is insensitive and hurtful to point out how having a large family is a reward from God. A reward for what? Reward implies *not* having a large family is a punishment. (Which, to many infertile couples, this is EXACTLY how it feels.) You point out how a person wouldn’t tell someone with a genetic disease that they are messed up. Well, to make the comparison even more clear, one should never say to the parent of a disabled child, “Having completely normal, healthy children, with no genetic defects, is a REWARD from God.” That would show the same level of insensitivity as the way this post was worded. Having healthy children is certainly a blessing from God to be thankful for. Then again, having any children at all is a blessing to be thankful for. But to state that having a large family or healthy children is God’s way of rewarding us, infers the opposite is a punishment, and it is hurtful.

        • Robert Jones

          Can anyone define what is a “large” family? We have the Duggars on one end of the spectrum and John and Mary Doe on the other end trying to conceive. The gift or reward of children is not the only blessing God bestows upon couples. I also think this gift or reward is also irrespective of a specific number. If we were to compare other blessings, like talents for instance, no one would question that God doesn’t love us because we cannot play the piano or perhaps speak in multiple languages. Gifts are gifts and we should treasure each that we have. Who are we to determine which gifts or rewards we receive from God? Shouldn’t we just be grateful for what we have and even more grateful for what else he MAY give? Remember, the absence of a gift or reward today, does not imply the absence of a gift or reward tomorrow. We just have to remember to be open to it, recognize it and above all, be grateful for it. Life itself is the most precious gift of all.

  • Clara

    I would love a large family, but my husband and I have been struggling with infertility for several years. I love seeing large families at church and around town.

    I agree with your point that large families are good and a blessing for the world. However, this could have been a lot more sensitively written. Those of us struggling with infertility and who strive to follow Church teaching in regards to licit treatments are left out. This post implies we are not being blessed with children due to our own fault. This is false! One cannot merit children. They are gifts freely given from God.

    There is nothing you have done “right” and I have done “wrong”… it simply is. God is choosing to sanctify my husband and I through infertility; He is choosing to sanctify you through a large family. I pray many times each day for God to end our infertility and bless us with many children (the children don’t even have to be healthy). But so far God has kept my womb closed.

    I ask for prayers for my husband and I to be parents, as well as for all couples struggling with infertility.

    • A charitable and wise reply Clara.

      Well done.

      Prayers on the way for all couples struggling with infertility.

      • Clara

        Thank you Tito!

    • Rick

      Very well said, Clara.

    • Liberty

      Yes!! And let’s not forget those of us who are single but faithfully following what the church teaches. This post implies those of us who don’t have children are not rewarded. That’s BS.

      I certainly don’t think the arrogance of going around patting oneself on the back over having a multitude of children deserves reward.

      • Liberty,

        You write: “This post implies those of us who don’t have children are not rewarded. That’s BS.”

        Please go back and read it over. There are many rewards from the Lord – one of which is children. I never said that children were the ONLY reward that God ever gives.

  • Victor

    After reading all the comments, I say Blessings of Joy and peace of Christ be with each of you, who knows the why’s of life. We had 9, 8 living here on earth and 1 living in the next life with my wife, she passed over at age 52. So nowthe 30th grandchild will come anyday and still the question, who knows why. For sure God is good.

    • Victor,

      Can be good to you without blessing you with children.

  • ymader@gmail.com

    I have only two children, not by choice but because I married later in life and I physically could not have any more. In fact I lost my first baby. that aside, I often bring up in conversation with friends how many families at our parish have many children and what a joy it is to see so many children in church and at church functions. Sadly so many of my friends do not understand this ‘joy’. God’s blessings on you and your family Taylor, you witness to what God meant families to be.
    with prayers –

  • irene

    My son and his wife, married six years, have just had their fourth, the first boy. Everyone wants to know, “are you done now you have your boy?” Love them for saying they have no idea; they are young and God is generous! We are blessed grandparents!

  • Sharon Rayner

    As my husband and I have sought to add to our family for over three years, we have learned in a way the fertile sometimes take for granted that the creation of new life is the exclusive realm of the Almighty.

    Although our understanding that every child, born and unborn, is a direct blessing from our Creator has been reinforced time and again, during our three-year battle with subfertility we struggled with the idea that children are a reward. Because that wording is biblically based, we
    couldn’t help but become first hurt and then angry at the implication that He must somehow find us unworthy of the particular reward we’d been craving, a desire that we believe He Himself placed on our hearts to begin with.

    We’ve come to understand our struggle with the word “reward” by thinking about it this

    Children aren’t necessarily so much a reward for good behavior as they are a call to conversion. They are gifted to those who seem least suited to parenthood as often as they land in the lives of families who love and serve the Lord. But because God loves each and every soul He creates, He seeks for all to enter His kingdom. To achieve that end, sometimes He sends children. And sometimes, He doesn’t.

    • Sharon,

      What a beautiful expression for God’s reward!

      Thank you for sharing this.

      In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


    • That’s so true. The life of St Joachim and St Anne are a good example of this reality.

    • mphard

      i really like your comment.

  • Long-Skirts

    We were blessed with 10 children but when we were at a “Holiday Party” where my husband was a Professor and I was expecting our 9th child a woman came up and asked me if I was “Dr.” so & so’s “wife and is it true that…”you are expecting your ninth child?”
    I said, “Why, yes.”
    She asked, “Don’t you think you are being irresponsible?”
    “Oh, no, dear, I’m irresistible!” 😉

  • Victor

    After seeing that beautiful family of yours Doctor Marshall, “I” must say, QUIT SHOWING OFF!
    Just kidding! 🙂
    Now to read the rest!
    Keep UP all the good works Joy.
    God Bless

  • Erin

    I’d prefer to say children are a treasure rather than a reward. A reward implies that if God didn’t give me one, or if He only gave one, we are some how less deserving or to blame. Like another post, we have suffered through infertility and several miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, etc. I guess you could say I have 4 children in heaven, but only one on earth. Please don’t assume small families are all by design unless they profess to be.

  • Michael O’Neill

    Although I was baptized and raised in a nominally Catholic family in Pennsylvania; as an adult engaged to Brenda we attended informational Pre-Cana classes sponsored by the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas. After we married sacramentally in 1983 I deliberately practiced Luciferian birth control for many years into our nascent marriage; mea maxima culpa because my wife and I should have about five or six children today.

  • K Koenig

    Quote the Bible and people start getting offended… God blesses us all in many different ways, saying something is a reward from God isn’t saying you’re being punished if you didn’t get it…

    Thank you for this though, Taylor, somedays I feel my many children and rough pregnancies are a curse. I needed to hear what God says today…

    • K. Koenig,

      The offense were in the comments, not in the post.

      Be careful.

  • anita

    Sheesh. It is so predictable. He writes a post about his experience and talks about a certain attitude that is prevalent in our culture. Then all the folks who do not share his experience pop up and whine that the post is not about them! THE POST WAS NOT ABOUT INFERTILITY. He quoted the Bible and laid out what our perspective as Catholics should be. Never did he attack those who cannot have children. Also, do not assume that those with children do not know your suffering. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY MARRIED FRIENDS HAS HAD AT LEAST ONE MISCARRIAGE. I’ve had two. I have 6 kids. I get the jabs from both sides “Wow 6!” and “Wow, your youngest is 3 already?” We are called to accept the blessing of children should God send them. We are called to accept ALL the crosses God sends. Crosses we bear well are blessings. Many blessings are, at times, crosses. And people trying to make conversation often unwittingly say the wrong thing. We aren’t supposed to be concerned with human respect, or make rash judgments about their intent.

    Just because this article doesn’t address, and this author doesn’t bear, the same cross as you, doesn’t give you the standing to attack him, and assume he intended things he did not say, and did not even bring up. Again: THIS POST WAS NOT ABOUT INFERTILITY. If you wish to share your perspective on your experiences on life and faith, start your own blog. Then everyone can come be hysterical at you that you didn’t write a post perfectly reflecting THEIR life experience.

    • Anita,

      The comments were where the problems came from, not the post.

      Be careful what you type.

    • Ray

      Do you genuinely not see how this post could be hurtful to those couples struggling with infertility and the loss of children? Obviously, everyone who reads this blog (unless there are trollers out there) would agree that children are an amazing blessing, a magnificent gift from God. But there is a significant difference between a “blessing” and a “reward”.

      Yes, we are all called to embrace our crosses and our sufferings. And out of that embrace can come blessing. But, to say that “God rewards you with children” very easily implies to those who cannot have children that “God is not rewarding you” or “God is punishing you.”

      I have no doubt that Dr. Marshall was simply trying to encourage and affirm large families, and to further affirm that children ARE a blessing. I am 100% confident that any hurt he inflicted was entirely accidental, and that most of the hurt has been caused or exacerbated by other comments. But, accidental or not, even rational (since you seem to indicate that couples who are infertile or who have experience miscarriages are being irrational in their hurt over this post) or not, the hurt is real and the pain is real. I am so sincerely sorry for the loss of your two children. I hope they are praying fervently for all of us in heaven! Since you know that grief, please don’t try to minimize or compartmentalize the hurt that couples feel, who may not have the balm and consolation of other children to help soothe the wounds.

      • BranDi

        From someone who walked the journey of infertility, Ray, your last comment seems insensitive to those who by Gods grace receive a child. The 10 years my husband cried and begged and pleaded and the loss of our first two children have not soothed the pain. Children aren’t a replacement of each other, we still mourn daily our first two missing from our family. Take your own advice, do not compartmentalize.

        I found the post beautiful and hopeful….we are prayerful for more blessings.

    • K Koenig

      Tito, read the comments again, people are offended by the post. It’s one of those annoying things about the Internet, if someone doesn’t address every particular point of an issue they are being offensive or insensitive. It’s ridiculous.

  • Lisbet

    Our 13 child in 19 years of marriage is due in two months. We have been blessed many times over. It is great to read encouragement for large families. There is a lot out there for support and encouragement for those dealing with infertility and loss. Please, let there be encouragement for both and not use one forum or the other for to “yes, but” the issues to death. Both ends of the spectrum need encouragement.

    • lullabyMom

      Thank you, Lisbet, a thousand times over for your thoughtful statement. God bless you, Dr. Marshall.

  • JuanT

    I’ve heard simmilar conversations and seen people turning the head to watch our family of 11 brothers and sisters. And it’s the best thing in the world to have a big family!!!

    Here is a picture of all of us the day I was pressented by the bishop in my new parish (the bishop, my parents, my ten brothers & sisters and a sister in law).

  • Sherry

    As a mom of ten, I’ve learned to live with the shock that results from that outrageous number, but as I’ve explained, it is only in the past fifty years that we decided we somehow couldn’t exist if we didn’t manage our fertility to the point of non existence. It is only the modern age that thinks this life must be managed if one is to succeed, to the point of designating the least amount one can agree upon to love. That said, it is always dangerous to presume anyone who does not have a quiver full, doesn’t have a heart longing for such a blessing.

  • Frank

    One English family I met in Rosslare Ireland in 1975 said they came to Ireland each year for summer holidays so their children would have other children to play with. The Mother said when she was pregnant the question in England invariably was, ” Is it #1 or #2 ? She would happily reply, ‘ It’s number three!’. The answer was ‘ Oh I am very sorry’. Sad to say Ireland has gone the way of the pagan world. The old Irish Proverb no longer holds sway amongst the children of St Patrick, ‘Children are wealth and wealth is Children.’ Even President Putin bemoans the fact of no future generations for Russia. May God bless all the family of Taylor and Joy Marshall with health and happiness in this world and eternal salvation in the world to come. Thank you Joy and Taylor for such an outstanding example to the Catholic world.

  • Joe Dillier

    my wife and I were married 12 days ago. We’ve had many discussions on family size and how many kids we want blah blah blah. What we’ve decided is that while we’re open to children, we only want to have as many as we can have a while giving them the life we want to. What we mean by that is that we have a certain way we want to raise our kids. If we have 10 kids, that won’t be possible, so we don’t want to have 10 kids. I guess the way we view it is we want quality, not quantity. I think that personally if I had 10 kids I wouldn’t be able to give them each the time they deserved with their father, and I probably wouldn’t be able to truly know my children, nor give them the opportunities that they would have if I had fewer children.

  • Ann B

    Yes, I have had awkward conversations about our family size, but not because we had a full quiver. We have one son who is now 33 years old. For the first 12 years of our marriage people assumed we didn’t want children because for whatever reason I couldn’t get pregnant. Consequently, many awkward explanations to Catholic friends and family. My husband and I both come from large families and it never occurred to us we would have problems. Then, miracles of miracles, I conceived. We thought more would come but it wasn’t to be. Awkward conversations continued because then it was assumed we stopped at one. More awkward conversations explaining it wasn’t our choice but God’s plan for us. It’s amazing what people will ask you and comment on.

  • Lucia

    He’s just having more children to get Facebook likes and email subscribers.. Just Kidding!!!

  • Joaco

    My mother in law (who has seven children) once ran into a “friend” in the supermarket. My mother in law was with her mother and one of her kids. The “friend” looked at her shopping trolley and critically asked in a ‘friendly’ way (i.e. ‘tongue in cheek’ question) how was she able to afford some of her items when she had 7 kids to feed. She went on bragging about how she had only one and how happy she was, and down with the seven, and up with the one, and so on, to the point where when she again said “I’ve got one only and…” at that point my mother in law’s mother interrupted and said “well, no surprise, look who you married. I wouldn’t have had not even one with him. But with (my son in law)… that’s a real man, one to have many kids with!”

  • Melissa

    Wow what a beautiful family! Indeed abundance of beautiful blessings! We are all rewarded differently. Yes, children are a blessing but they are not the only blessings God bestows on us. Those who have difficult concieving should not feel any less blessed. My husband and I have been married for over 5 years and we just started trying to conceive unsuccessfully so far and I have deep deep regrets about being closed to children for so long. I never used birth control but we definitely were avoiding children. During this time I have gone through ups and downs even feeling punished by God for disobeying and not being open to children. I think of how many beautiful babies I might have had and I wonder if I’ve waited too long (I’m no spring chicken lol). However I keep praying and I trust that God will bless me in a manner which is best for me. If I only I knew what I know now. I am really mad at myself that I let the world convince me I need to focus on my education, career etc. even my body! How vain and selfish is that? I didn’t want to give up my physical body for fear of being less attractive. Ridiculous! Also, I always felt that my husband didn’t make enough money, just one more pay raise we told ourselves, so that I could stay home with our children. We thought we needed a bigger house, a bigger car etc. well we got that pay raise 3 times, our bigger house and our bigger car yet our home remains empty. What fools we were. Pray for us please.

  • Roadkill Rhapsody

    For what, specifically, are babies the reward?

  • Our second baby is due in a couple of weeks, only 14 months after our first. We’ve heard our fair share of comments about how close they are, that it’s going to be expensive, etc. My view is that if God chooses to bless us with more kids, who are we to say no? I value them over any material possession. More money, a better job, a bigger house, or a faster car do not compare to the smiles and laughs, struggles and frustrations that our children bring us. They bring us out of ourselves and show us how to love like God loves.

    Thanks for posting about family. Keep it up!

  • Hyacinth E de Valliere-Enas

    When I hear news of conception, who’s ever it is, it fills me with this amazing sense of the power and complexity with which the Father brings His wondrous creation into being – all over again. Unlike in ‘cloning’, no two persons are alike – the Master Creator’s work – a unique being that cannot be replicated. When I look at a newborn baby, I am humbled at the perfection of this tiny being.

    I was bestowed the gift of three sons by my Father and although I would have loved to have had more kids, He deemed it otherwise. It is not whether you have none or have only one child. When one is resigned to HIS Divine Will, one receives His loving peace to keep you content and glorify Him for your blessings.

    It most definite is not for us to decide whether or when we should have children (I hurts to hear couples say they are “planning” to have ‘x’ number of kids) and employ methods that are contrary to His plan and will to make our puny plans into place.

    Our God is the Creator – He knows the plan He has for us, from before we were placed in our mothers’ wombs – which is always to prosper us – SO HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR US AND WHEN WE ARE READY TO RECEIVE HIS GRACES.

    So yes, I agree with Taylor (this picture of his beautiful family is proof) that His Will, will be done. I am blessed to have received your comments on the subject which are heartfelt.

    I also believe that even though there are couples who face a lot of difficulty conceiving, they should not close the door to God’s plan for them and should seek it to learn what He wants them to do.

    May God’s blessings be with all couples out there who feel discouraged when their plans do not work out the way they want them to. Seek Him for He has a much greater plan for you.

  • Grace Bailey

    When people learn we have 7 children (which is highly unusual where we live), they seem to feel they have “permission” to open up to me about their own families. How often I hear them express regret at stopping their families too soon! It is usually because one partner did not want any more babies or because of financial concerns. However whilst I wish I had a dollar for each time I’ve heard “I would have loved to have had 1 more child”, I have never, ever heard anyone say “I wish we had 1 child less”. If only people would see children as a blessing rather than a cost, burden or obligation, then they would experience a profound paradigm, shift.

  • John M. Stegeman

    My wife and I were just blessed with our first son. A woman at one of my jobs asked how many kids we were going to have. I said, “I don’t know, I guess that’s up to God.”

    She asked what I meant so I explained I’m a Catholic. She said, “So am I but I would never consider not using birth control.”

    That’s the sad world we live in.

  • Aquinas5

    Probably more shocking to us is the comment, “Are all six to the same father?” (or mother when addressing my husband). I guess because our children range in age from 21-3 months (born to me at the age of 45!). We have given our witness, we were lukewarm Catholics who were permanently sterilized after our third and it took five years after our reversion of discerning and heartbreak before we were able to get it reversed nine years ago and be truly blessed with three more children (and two more blessings that we won’t meet in this world). People frankly don’t understand why we would have taken such action and think we’re nuts. It’s a shame because by not understanding they are missing out on one of life’s greatest rewards.

  • Lucky Scrunchy

    I have two children, and three in heaven. My husband and I really wanted a big family but it just wasn’t in the cards for us. 🙁 Fertility problems are a massive cross.

    If I did have a large family I would train my children to respond to people like that. For example, if someone made a comment about the size of our family, my oldest child could turn to the insulter and say something like “so…do you really think my mom shouldn’t have had me?” That would put that person in their place!

    My children would also know that they were loved and wanted.

  • Lorraine

    Well, well, there is allot of disagreement among Catholic parents regarding the size of our families and the reasons they are that way. In no way whatsoever did I imply that infertility was a punishment. I never used that word, and resent the implications that I am insensitive to their pain because of it. I too have had miscarriages. It is “motherhood” that is attacked in our culture: “As woman goes, so goes society.” Unfortunately there is allot of ignorance about the causes of infertility linked to long term use of birth control pills, as well as abortion causing sterility, and links to increased rates of breast cancer. There is an awful lie that young men and women have believed for so long. Like I commented earlier, we have a common enemy, and if ALL Catholic parents, worked together to reveal the truth about the devastating effects on women’s reproductive health caused by abortion and birth control pills, whether we used them or not, as well as esteeming the value and dignity of motherhood, (no matter if you have 2 or 10 children), no one would need to be defensive. God Bless your desires to please the Lord.

    • JMJT

      I have found articles on the internet about traces of hormones and other commonly ingested meds such as antidepressants in the water supply of some towns and cities (DC in one city) which may contribute to infertility in subfertile individuals.

      • Lorraine

        Yes, I have heard of that concern up here in Canada as well.

  • Chartese

    Lol We have four children. I have experienced the crickets. Oh, and don’t let me mention we actually homeschool and love it. Things get really weird after that.

  • SusanneKY

    So what does this mean for infertile women? My one child was a miracle, and I prayed for more for 10 years….does that mean I’m not “blessed”?

  • Shelly

    WE have 12- 8 girls and 4 boys and we love it. the kids love it. We aren’t rich my husband is a diesel mechanic but we are better off then all of our friends. God has provided for us every step of the way (not the govt).

  • VFR

    When I was asked how many kids I said four 2 boys and 2 girls. The man looked puzzled and said “huh, people with that many kids are usually trying to get a boy.”

  • Colette

    This article brings this home for me. I am the eldest of 11 children….7 girls and 4 boys!!! When I was growing up, we were not looked upon as strange or had anyone pity us for such a large family. Mom had comments from people in church saying how well behaved we all were. In today’s society, it takes courage and lots of faith to raise a large family, and lots of Blessings from God. I truly commend parents who accept God’s Blessings for a large family. Prayer is integral in keeping a large family together and in keeping your sanity.

  • Lena

    I have an encouraging story; yesterday I was shopping for a costume. I had three of my daughters with me including my 7 month old. I was looking at shoes for my son and lamented that he was now in man size shoes costing man size prices. A lady, carrying a baby, concurred with me and commented that I must have more children because the kids I had with me were all girls. My 9 year old replied that we have nine all together. The lady started tearing up and telling me how beautiful that is. She said that she has four living children but lost five children to miscarriages due to some problem she has that causes her chances of having a full term baby to be low. She was so elated to meet someone who appreciates their ‘blessings’. I didn’t mention that I lost 3 to miscarriage as well making my total blessings 12.
    I really like your work Dr Marshall. I don’t read many blogs, even though I would like to, I must use my time judiciously, but your blog captivates me.

    • Lena

      Woah, that’s a large photo. I meant to post a thumbnail photo, sorry about that. It just shows that I don’t belong on these blogs.

  • Lorraine

    750,000 female babies are aborted every year in India.
    There are no records of how many are killed at birth.
    What are WE complaining about?

  • Natb7

    I struggle with having the largest family every Sunday morning (6 children), and many people at Church ask if we are done yet. This is the last place this question should be asked. And we are sometimes told the church feels empty if we are not there.

    • JMJT

      The Cure of Ars, St. John Marie Vianney, insisted that people come to Mass in silence and return from Mass is silence. Traditionalist Catholics , the real ones before Vat.ii, were not permitted to talk or make noise in Church..age was no excuse. Comparison and judgment of our neighbors’ family sizes is another new distraction to recollection at Mass, perhaps replacing the ladie’s hats as the main distraction. Chapel veils, popularized in the US by Jackie Kennedy were a good idea which has endured with the New Traditionalists.

  • Lorraine

    In an attempt to make a point on this discussion, I have inadvertently offended some. Growing up in the 60/70’s has left me with a different cultural experience that some of you, I would guess. Please forgive me.+

  • jenny

    I was blessed with a large family.
    My father said “YES” to God’s will every time he procreated a child in the womb of his wife.
    He also worked harder very time he procreated a new child, so that he came home with a new paycheck for the new unborn child.
    My father also spent time and money preparing the place where he put his unborn child – he called that place the body of my mom.
    He said that this is similar to preparing a garage before buying a car.
    I love my father, he was a responsible man.

  • Purplemommy

    Most of the moments when I am looking at my child’s face, I would always ask God, “what was the best deed that I have done in my entire life to deserve such lovely child”. I always think, my child is a gift or reward from God. and I thank God for entrusting me my child and I always pray to guide me and my husband in bringing her up to become a good person and pleasing in the eyes of the Lord.

  • Sandy Embry

    I don’t think that saying “children are a blessing from the Lord” is meant to demean small families in any way. It is important to be open to having children, and to thank God for whatever He sends our way. But it is wrong to try to stifle the one who would SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS that CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING! If God blessed us in other ways (and He does) we would not be shy about saying it, and most people would not want us not to say it because they were not blessed in that way. I think of things like inheriting a beautiful country estate, being given tickets to Europe, or being given a new car. Imagine this conversation. “I opened the envelope and my aunt had sent me tickets to Rome for next spring. I can’t believe it! What an unexpected blessing!” Friend says, “Oh thats great, you really are SO blessed!” So, I am happy to say, and I want everyone to share in my happiness, that I have EIGHT sons, and I AM SO BLESSED!!!!

  • Colette

    I have the opposite problem, when asked how many children I have, after I say two daughters, I feel like I always have to follow it up with “And I was truly blessed to have them as I was unable to have any more.” I always am full of joy when I see large families at Mass! I am also full of sadness because I desperately wanted a large family since I come from a large catholic family. Sometimes when I hear comments like being blessed with a large family, it makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong in life not to deserve a large family. I suffered with infertility for eight years and finally had no choice but to have a hysterectomy so that I could be a mother to my two daughters without suffering in constant pain. How do you address comments like “Oh, you stopped at two?” Thank you for your articles and sharing stories about your beautiful family. I do feel blessed every day with my beautiful daughters and now my beautiful grandson.

  • Christina Parker

    We are quiver full minded however, the Lord has only given us 2 blessings. Why do you suppose that is? We desperately want another.

  • Ed

    When my wife and I married around 14 years ago, we were both practicing protestants, and although I always wanted children, and we both agreed on that for our future, I did not have strong convictions about contraception. My weak convictions were confirmed during my journey into the Catholic Church, and my refusal to use artificial contraception became an obstacle in our relationship. At this point my wife and I were in complete disagreement on contraception. Even worse, my wife kept delaying pregnancy every year because of financial concerns. Faith, and “trust in God” arguments were not enough. Either way, I was not hitting her over the head with the Bible, or natural law, but it became hard to continue living day to day like I didn’t have a problem. Were children not God’s will? I sought counsel from local priests. One mentioned annulment, another said I had to stick it out. I was in what I can describe as severe mental anguish over this, trying to make sense of this suffering, and offer it to God. It wasn’t until this year that my wife became open to life. 14 years, no child yet, but we’re trying. I’m trying not to focus on the negative implications of starting this late. I don’t have the energy I did, but I never not had a heart to father. If there any spouses in a similar situation, I am praying for you.

  • WendellCartwright

    Would like essentialoil! It’s useful for alleviating symptoms of anxiety anddepression. It can help to boost your mood and relieve feelings of sadness aswell as enhance mental performance and feelings of happiness.

  • Maria

    I’m so happy for those who have a quiver full of babies. They are a such a joy. As an aunt to 15 nieces and nephews at last count, I see a bounty of fruit in my family! My Dad is child #10 of 14….and we aren’t Catholic! Sadly, however, I don’t have any of my own, even though I wanted them so much.

    For those who being infertile for one reason for another, and have struggled, my heart tenderly goes out to you. My husband, after promising me a child before marriage, reneged on his promise 3 months later. My heart still breaks, as the window of opportunity has closed, due to me being older than my husband. There will always be tears at the loss of such a blessing in my life.

    The thing that has brought me some ease is Isaiah 54:1 about barren women singing, is that their tents will expand and grow with children. At the time I didn’t understand this. But I find that loving other children belonging to my family, as well as to friends and church family, my tent has grown. It won’t take away the pain of having my own empty arms. But the love that I have been given by God can be shared with such amazing kids. Storing my love away, not sharing it with them, would be a tragedy.

    He is truly Faithful, truly God, despite the sorrow. One day, with the help of the Blessed Virgin, I’ll understand. Until then, all I can do is just trust Him.


    • Diana

      Just commenting regarding a previous post stating that if God does not bless you with children, He will give you something better. What could possibly be “something better?” After trying for a famliy for over 14 years, I have not experienced anything that is better. The disbelief and dispair is something I would not wish on a soul. Seeing large families actually makes my womb hurt. I used to enoy going to church, but seeing all the families is a hard way to start my week.

      • Dear Diana,

        I’m so sorry. There may not be some thing “better” in the same way, but God is always generous and He has gifts. He has gifts every day.

        The devil always wants us to compare ourselves to other people.

        There are priests that want families and miss not having grandchildren. There are married men who envy celibate priests. As a father of 7, I sometimes look at couples without kids and envy them. It’s wrong, but we are all tempted to overlook the crosses that each vocation holds. The devil always wants us to lose peace over these things.

  • Betty Ann

    I am a 46 year old mother of 4 daughters. My youngest is 7. I had 3 miscarriages after her and decided that I did’t want to endure another one so I gave up trying. I have always wanted to have a son. My husband would have liked a son as well. This brings me to my dilema, I am at a point where I want to try to have a son as I feel that time is running out for me. I have been praying. I cannot seem to convince my husband. I would welcome any suggestions or ideas as to how I might convince him. We have always used the withdrawal method of birth control. I can be private messaged at bcjeast1@hotmail.com

  • s furlong

    I know this string started a while ago but I am hopeful. I am hoping someone can help me find an experienced low cost vasectomy reversal doctor in Virginia or Utah. We have four blessings so far and I know God wants to bless me/us with more. I am so bummed I had the procedure done and wonder if I am supposed to help others a achieve a blessing since my instinct is so strong.

  • Heather Scott

    I married at 49 for the 1st time, I am a Christian and did the wrong thing in marrying a loving but non christian! I have always wanted children and now at 53 post menopause and asking God to reverse it and give me my babies I am feeling sad but still asking God for that miracle of the baby or babies I have always wanted. Please pray He will have mercy and reverse menopause or cause me to be pregnant with healthy babies anyway. Thank you for your post. One of the lovliest things I see is large Christian families coming into Church and taking up a whole row of 10 or 12 seats! We have a couple of families like that at our church.

  • Julia

    Uh…what about the jerks, despots, criminals and thugs who manage to have children? Are they being rewarded?

  • Binod Kumar

    “Quiver full” does it means in quantities only? And not the qualities?. Does it means biological growth of Christian believers?
    God promised to Abraham you will have children like sand of river and like uncountable stars in the sky, but how many biological children He gave him?

  • summer

    Can someone please pray for me and my husband I have been married for almost 4 years and we don’t have any children

  • Christina Ann jensen

    Dear heaven father teacher
    Please bless my new family with huge babies

  • ISpeakTheTruth

    Then there are many of us very Good people that are still Not married yet. Go figure.