Padre Pio: A Rare Video (Plus Stigmata Video)

Padre Pio is one of my favorite saints. Below is a nice little video containing rare film footage from the everyday ministry of Padre Pio’s life. It’s surreal seeing the saint on camera.

Padre Pio Stigmata

Padre Pio, Verified Stigmatist, died 1968

Padre Pio Rare Footage

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Stigmata of Padre Pio Compared to Saint Francis’ Stigmata

For those that don’t know about Saint Pio, he bore the sacred stigmata (five wounds of Christ) in his body for exactly 50 years and then died. These unexplainable wounds were verified by skeptics, doctors, and scientists. I made a short video comparing the stigmata of Saint Pio to the stigmata of Saint Francis. The stigmata of one saint differed from the other. Here’s my video on the topic.

If you cannot see this second video in your email or browser, please click here.

Placing the stigmata aside, Saint Pio’s life is filled with sanctity, heroic act, and profound love for Christ and his neighbor.

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Question: Had you seen this video of Padre Pio before? What are your thoughts? Is it strange to see a saint on camera? Is Pio a new Saint Francis for our time? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • scott

    Who was the priest at the end of your video?

  • scarp

    Cannot tell you just how much I love this saint. He is one of my patron saints and a great intercessor for myself as well as my family. Happy Feast Day, Padre Pio and please pray for all of us!

  • Denise

    My dad introduced me to Padre Pio in 1969. Many times throughout my life I petitioned him for favors and received them almost immediately. In the mid 90s-early 2000s, for about 7 years, I worked in a Catholic book and gift shop and bought up every book on or by him(letters) that I could get my hands on. I have read many. I have a very old video of his last Mass as well. I am also enrolled as his spiritual child.

    You asked about what it is like to see a saint on film. My grand daughter, who is home schooled, 10th grade, was doing her religion when your email came in and I called her in to see the video. She was mesmerized by what she was seeing. Of course, as always, I was shedding tears. She told me even before I got the email that she’d asked Padre Pio to help her with her studies before she started today.

    Thanks for posting this

    • gordon

      Please Denise!!!! My name is Gordon. I’ve been petitioning Padre Pio to help me with my court problem. On Wednesday Jan 15, 2015 i got sentence to 7 years prison. I will turn myself in two weeks. I’m still praying that a miracale happens and some how I don’t go to prison. I know that through God anything is possible. Please help me in asking for padre pios intercesion. Here’s my email.

  • Denis Saint-Maurice

    Thanks for this footage. Nice to see a saint in a living way

  • LJP

    Dr. Marshall,

    How do you recommend explaining the phenomenon of stigmata to young children? We were watching a program on EWTN about Padre Pio and my children starting asking questions about it: Did God do this to him? Did it hurt? Before long my 6 year old son was in tears fearful that this would happen to him. I calmed him but I’m not sure I did a good job explaining it to them.

    Thank you,

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  • Fr. John

    When I viewed the black and white video while on a pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo, there was a commentary instead of music. Can you bring back the commentary?
    I had read somewhere that in both cases, St. Francis and St. Pio, the stigmata had disappeared two days before they died. Is this correct?

  • BM

    I wonder sometimes about what Catholic explanation ought to be given to the fact that the miracles of saints could be more easily verified or witnessed today than at any other time, yet are all the more noticeably absent. Consider, for instance, St. Joseph of Cupertino. According to the story he regularly levitated high into the air, to the witness of the public. One such mystic today could be videotaped by any one of the 9 million iPhones just sold. Yet none is found. What do you make of this?

  • Diane

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for this video on Padre Pio.

  • TraditionalCatholic

    Why would God work miracles (beyond the every-day ones which we tend to overlook or put down to coincidence, luck, etc) where nearly all have rejected Him? An age of mass apostasy and godlessness doesn’t deserve either saints or miracles. Though of course great saints will be raised in the final persecution… which maybe some of us will live to see. As for great miracles, there are plenty one can witness even today… how about the several still ongoing Eucharistic miracles that have been scientifically tested and verified? No sane person could doubt those any more – yet how many believe? Even the greatest miracle will not convince those who don’t want to believe.

    • TraditionalCatholic

      (The above post was in reply to BM.)

  • Cathy

    Having watched this footage before, it is a really comforting to see a living Saint with human emotion and even a temper! His Stigmata would have been very painful, however I feel he had the invisible cross and stigmata of constantly being followed by crowds and cameras, to which he flicks his habit cord in frustration. I knew a Franciscan Priest who had his cell two doors up from Padre Pio, and what he heard during the night was frightful, the Devil was so angry at him for helping souls to heaven, he sometimes would not let padre pio sleep. One particular Saintly quality that always stands out regarding Padre Pio was his ability to follow obedience toward his superiors, an amazing Saint for our times.

  • Dave Farrell

    Padre Pio was a bedrock witness and force for good in the 20th century. His sanctity and suffering were a strong influence on others throughout the century. It is rare film and appears to be several different clips spliced together.

  • Margaret

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome video! How blessed we are to be able to see him on video.

  • thinkingcatholic

    Archaeology has shown us that Roman crucifixtions were done through the wrists not the hands presumably to prevent the body from tearing away. This causes me to wonder why St Francis’s wounds and St Pio’s wounds were not the same as Christ’s would have been if they came about as a result of their meditations on the Crucified Lord. Your thoughts?

    • thinkingcatholic

      I guess people on this blog have the attitude, ‘don’t confuse me with the facts’. Dr Marshall, what about you?

      • LJP

        Or perhaps ‘people on this blog’ value humility over condescension. Tell me, how exactly does the discovery that some Roman crucifixions were almost certainly done through the wrists lead to your conclusion that it is a ‘fact’ that Christ was crucified that way?

        • thinkingcatholic

          I do lack humility and many other virtues. I apologise for my condescending impatience. However, l maintain that it is OK to have an inquiring mind when it comes to such phenomena as stigmata,levitations etc. There is faith and then there is credulity. Catholics are not required to believe everything that is purported to be true only those matters connected with Revelation as the Church has received and transmitted it.
          With respect to Roman crucifixtion, your argument seems to be an argument from silence. Also it is circular:”These saints had their wounds in their hands therefore Christ must have been crucified that way.”

    • janelle

      From the Shroud of Turin it shows the nails were driven through the wrist but came out in the palm of the hand so the wounds are in both places. They were long nails.

  • Ursula

    In 2 other places, email and youtube , I asked about the priest and why did you say beware of priests in neckties at the end of the stigmata video but nevermind..I think that I just ‘got’ it. The VERY NEXT article that I went to from a different email from a different blog had a link that I clicked on and LO AND BEHOLD, there was a priest in a necktie standing at a podium with a CALL TO ACTION sign on the front of it. Catholics are NOT supposed to participate in Call to Action because it is inconsistent with Catholic teaching…. so yeah…beware of priest in neckties because they are also probably ‘inconsistent with Catholic Teaching… :(/ I have discovered that people who tout the’Spirit’ of Vatican II are often the ones who have misinterpreted and think all kinds of dissent to the pope and with Church teaching is OKAY. Which means they have not interpreted the documents on a way consistent with tradition t- with a ‘ hermeneutic of continuity’…. sigh

  • Ewa

    Father Pio did not like the idea of being filmed….
    Why this snippet is therefore publicized ?

  • Lori Sanders Romes

    I actually have two questions about the stigmatas…first, what would the purpose of the stigmata be? How do they build up the Church in faith? I guess coming out from protestant thinking—how do we know such things were not inflicted satanically? Satan does attack the people of God. second, it appears that Padre Pio was celebrating the old Mass…wasn’t that changed in the 60’s? I know now we have a choice as to which we would like.

  • Lori Sanders Romes

    I think my confusion about the supernatural incidents of the saints comes from the idea that not everything supernatural is godly. Like, the levitatiing of saints? How does that teach or help the Church?

  • Angel063

    Thank you for sharing this rare film with us. I love Padre Pio. I only wish I had met him. He was given many gifts from God and one was that he could help you in confession. He knew your darkest secret or sin, and he would bring it out of you and you would be able to confess what might have been to hard to say and be forgiven. Thank God for Padre Pio, he touched so many souls from what I have heard and read.

  • Maria

    I love Saint Padre Pio! I wish he was still among us! Please intercede for my severe back pain which controls my life. Please help me find a solution. Also look after my family and your devotees. Thank you 😉

  • Angela Wright

    Apparently when St Pio was asked about the stigmata in his palms, he replied that if they had been positioned in the wrist as the wounds of Jesus were when He was nailed to the cross, the pain for Padre Pio would have been too unbearable, therefore the Lord granted him this grace.

  • Anne

    My sister in Law introduced me to st. Padre pio i have since then prayed his everyday prayer the efficacious novena to the Secred Heart of Jesus. I trust that he intercedes for me and my entire family in all our needs. planning to visit his shrine soon in Uganda

  • Mary Makki

    Let my contribution be a good one. A loving one.

    A caring one.

    A non-judgemental one.

    A Realiable one.

    A beam of sunshine one.

    A healing hand one. *

    Staring up at the cross Rapped around iron nails

    and we to believe twas all for us

    t’was all from us in our error

  • pamelaswanson

    I loved the video, I can see he did not like being filmed when I stopped the video on close ups his eyes were always avoiding the camera, I hope this is all true..