Another FREE Book: Mary as Mediatrix

Last weekend I spoke at the Arizona Marian Conference. About 700 people. It was wonderful.

I promised the attendees in Arizona a short ebook which amounts to my speaking notes for the weekend.

It’s only 16 pages, but it covers:

  1. tips for praying the Family Rosary
  2. the theology of Marian Mediation
  3. the theology of Consecration to Mary

mary mediatrix ebook cover

I’m making it available to all my email subscribers who have recently updated their preferences.*

I love my email subscribers and I’m going to give away things like this from time to time.

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Then tomorrow night or this weekend, I’ll also mail the short eBook on the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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The Mary book will only be available this weekend and then it will be gone for ever. So if you want it, please sign up now.

It’s free. No strings attached.

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  • Thanks for your freebies Dr. Marshall 🙂

  • Adam

    Chesterton’s quip on Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem:
    “The only baby who ever chose his own mother!”

    • Adam

      As a Catholic-bashing Baptist most of my life, the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place in the jigsaw of Catholicism was the role of the Virgin Mary. One Friday evening at sunset in Jerusalem, where I was learning Hebrew to study the roots of Christianity, I stood at the Wailing Wall watching devout Jews welcome personified Shabbat Hamalka (Queen Sabbath). As I saw them repeatedly bow in adulation, kissing the huge 160,000 pound stones, the last vestige of Herod’s Temple destroyed in AD 70, I wondered: “What would the prophets have made of such idolatry?” Suddenly, it hit me, an epiphany. The Virgin Mary! Catholics are not idolators anymore than these Jews. This is veneration, lovingly offered in remembrance of the place God chose to come down to earth. For Jews, it was the Temple where God’s Shekinah Presence once dwelt. For Catholics, the Virgin Mary is the Ark of the Covenant where God became flesh and dwelt among us. As fast as I could, I ran to my professor Father Francis Martin at the Dominican Ecole Biblique to announce: “I’m ready. I want to become Catholic, now!”

      • isabel kissinger

        What date was the veneration of the Jews’ “Queen Sabbath”?

        • Adam

          A passage in the Talmud of Pharasaic Judaism (the post-biblical religion), after the Temple was destroyed in AD 70, shows the 2nd or 3rd century personification of Shabbat Hamalka (“Queen Sabbath”): “Rabbi Hanina used to wrap himself in festive clothes towards evening on Friday and say: ‘Come, let us go to receive Shabbat the Queen.’ Rabbi Yannai used to put on festive clothes on Sabbath eve and say: ‘Come, O bride, come, O bride!’ “

          • isabel kissinger

            Does that mean Mama Mary was present before the apostolic era?

          • Adam

            No. This tradition of exalting the 7th day as “Queen Sabbath” was created by those Pharisees who rejected both Our Lady and the “Lord of the Sabbath” (Mk 2:28), eventually becoming today’s Judaism, which differs greatly from the Old Testament Judaism that Jesus practiced.

  • Reva Perkins

    Thank You for the book on Blessed Mother! Can’t learn enough

    • LizEst

      How did you get this? I have already updated my preferences but still have not been able to get it.

  • Christie


    I signed up for the email, and recently updated my preferences. But I still haven’t received the free Thomas Aquinas in 50 pages book for some reason.


  • Jim

    Mr Marshall,
    I too updated my profile a few days ago, and did not receive the book on Aquinas. Thanks for your help. Great talk in Phoenix by the way.

  • Neil Frazier

    You are a genius! Never have I read such easy-to-understand descriptions of philosophy as what you provided in “Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages”. I have now bought all of your books on Amazon and will buy everything else you publish in the future.

    On a separate note, Scouts of St. George is an act of pure genius. It reminds me of TFPs Chivalry summer camps that show young men how to be faithful servants of our Lord while having a great time. These things remind me why so many of the “renovated” churches with new and ever-changing liturgy are failing. We desperately need a connection to the Saints who went before us and I find it in praying the same prayers, praying the same mass (TLM), and trying to preserve the essentials of the Christian culture they struggled to live.

    Here’s hoping something similar appears for the girls in our lives.

  • Neil Frazier

    Note to all, I found the link to “Thomas Aquinas in 50 Page” in my junk mail.

  • A. Gastaldo

    Already have Thomas in 50 pages. Want 16 pages on Mary. Thank youl

  • al

    Thanks for everything al

  • Charles Spivak

    Cannot find the link to download the Mary book.

    • LizEst

      Me either…and I updated my preferences, too!

  • Justas399 .

    How could Mary be the mediatrix of all graces when the Scripture never speaks of her in this manner?
    This is a denial of John 14:6, Eph 3:12 and Hebrews 4:14-16.

  • Charles Spivak

    Hopefully Justas399 will read the book and see just how Scriptural this is !!!!

  • Ginger West

    I cannot figure out why I’m unable to get the book on the Blessed Mother. I’ve forwarded the e-mail to many Marian friends (I’m in a Marian Movement of Priests Prayer Group) and hope they don’t get as frustrated as I am!

  • Phil

    Typo: In your excellent free e-book on Mary, you have “Did Pope Benedict XV go to far.” Shouldn’t it be “too”? Thanks for the helpful tips for family rosary

  • Marie

    I already have the Thomas Acquinas book but cannot figure out how to download the book on Mary. I notice that others are having this problem as well. I didn’t subscribe again because I am already a subscriber.

  • Br. Angel

    You may be interested to know, that the opinion you ask of Saint Alphonsus Liguori, was from an earlier period. Saint Jhon Baptist De La Salle, in his meditation #163, for September 8 about THE NATIVITYOF THE MOST BLESSED VIRGIN, Third Point.


    It is impossible for us to believe how great was the cooperation
    of the Most Blessed Virgin with all the graces she received from God
    at the moment of her birth. By a special privilege, she already enjoyed
    the use of reason and made use of it to adore God and to thank him
    for all his goodness. From that time on, she consecrated herself en-
    tirely to God to live and to act only for him during the rest of her life.
    She professed her nothingness profoundly in the depths of her
    soul, acknowledging that she owed everything to God. She admired
    interiorly what God had done in her, saying to herself what she later
    declared in her Canticle, God has done great things in me.
    As she looked at herself and contemplated God in herself, she was altogeth-
    er amazed to see the generosity of God in his creature. She was con
    vinced and thoroughly aware that everything in her must pay honor
    to God. With David she continually said that her very bones were so
    indebted to God that they could not refrain from crying out, Who is
    like unto God?
    If Mary received an abundance of grace, it was to share it with
    all those who have recourse to her. By your care for her and your re-
    course to her, gain the help you can receive from her.

    —–This is the explication for readers in the english american translation
    from the original french.
    (De La Salle took his inspiration for this meditation from the liturgy of
    the feast as it was celebrated in his time -XVII-XVIII century-,
    borrowing thoughts from the
    Lessons of the Nocturnes, the Collect, and the Gradual of the Mass.
    The celebration of Mary’s birthday probably began in the Near East. It
    was introduced in the West during the eighth century).

    • Justas399 .

      Br. Angel ,

      In light of what you wrote why didn’t the apostles write anything about this? Why was this unknown for centuries?

  • The Mary ebook was emailed to all 9,000 of you yesterday.

    The email included the download link to the new book on Mary AND the book on Thomas Aquinas.

    If you cannot find this email, check your spam folder.

    As of Monday, Sept 2, the free Mary book offer is closed. I’m sorry, but I cannot keep up with all the requests.

  • Aaron Mitchell

    New subscriber as of yesterday, but apparently missed the ebook on Mary. Read your last comment below, but thought I’d ebeg anyway. Thanks.

  • Carlos Paz

    Hi. I’ve updated my preferences sometime ago, but so far I haven’t received this new ebook.
    What else must I do?

    • Both books were resent on Sunday/Monday.

      I’ll resend them to all the subscribers over the weekend.

      I apologize if you didn’t get it. You may want to check your spam folder in the meantime.