What will the Catholic Church be like in AD 2,978? My New Novel


I’m writing a new novel and I’m excited about it. I feel alive when I write it.

What if the global economy and currency collapsed and all first world nations lost control?

What if the Pope were the only global leader who could rally humans to order and civilization?

Add to all this a world-wide miracle of the sun in fulfillment of the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart. A miracle that converts billions to the Faith and reveals the way to clean, inexhaustible energy.

By AD 2900, humans have discovered inhabitable planets in the distant corners fo the galaxy. All humans are Catholic. They speak Latin as the universal common tongue of humanity. But they eventually discover something in space that could undermine the very foundations of humanity and the Catholic Church – or perhaps secure it. Pope Gregory XIX resigns the papacy in AD 2978 for the first time since Pope Benedict XVI in AD 2013. What had become an intergalactic Christendom begins to crumble.

That’s the plot. It’s an apocalypse that takes place in the distant future with technology that we have never experienced.

I’ll be releasing chapters of the novel here on the blog.

If you’re an fiction agent or publisher, I’d love to talk to you.

For now, here’s the intro and first chapter:

Holy Roman Territories

The year is AD 2978. After the Great Miracle of AD 2117, the Pope of Rome emerged as the only global leader with enough support to bring stability to the fragile state of humanity on earth. The following 880 years were marked by the glorious and sometimes inglorious reigns of Popes who guided humanity in the exploration of space and the colonization of alternative planets.

The powerful Popes of the Middle Ages were altar boys in comparison to the intergalactic control of the Popes of these later ages. Humans at the end of the third millennium speak Latin as their mother tongue, have discovered an infinite source of energy, and most interestingly of all, they are openly religious with an undying affection for the Pope…and for the power of his technology.

Pope John Paul XI founded the Holy Roman Territories in AD 2800 on planet Earth with three colonized planets as allies. However, by AD 2950, dissent emerged from within the Holy Roman Territories.



When Pope Gregory XIX heard footsteps enter his chamber, he stopped thumbing his Rosary beads and opened his eyes.

“Your Holiness. Pardon my interruption. The Planet of Dismas is in full rebellion. Our communications to the planet are being blocked or jammed.”

The Pope looked up at the fat figure of Cardinal Joachim Nicholas. “Your Eminence, have any of our patrols reported transport activity?”

“Affirmative, Your Holiness. Dismian ships have threatened an attack on Cardinal Trulio’s space station on the moon of Dismas. We received a distress signal from the cardinal’s office just before we lost communication.”

“Joachim. You’re my Secretary of State. What do you recommend?”

“We have been expecting this, but I don’t know how to play out the end game. The last time the Dismians rejected papal governance, they held their cardinal ransom, and then killed him once a ransom was payed.”

The Pope sighed. “Alright then. Get Admiral Romanov on the damn transmitter!” shouted the pontiff in perfect Latin.

Cardinal Nicholas nodded. “I thought you might say that. He’s already standing by on the holographic transmitter.”

“Deo gratias,” said the Pope. He stood up from his throne and left the room.

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