Top 5 Objections to Catholicism (Thoughts on Roman Fever)

“What would be the “Top 5″ objections to Catholicism that you hear from Protestants?”

My friend Joel asked me this question and it’s a great one.


Roman Fever

I have spoken to hundreds of people struggling with “Roman fever.” A Protestant may come down with Roman fever if he or she is:

  1. listening to Catholic radio,
  2. reading GK Chesterton,
  3. reading the Church Fathers,
  4. covertly attending Mass with the hopes that nobody recognizes him,
  5. becoming interested in the pro-life movement.

The Roman fever is an odd thing. The soul deeply desires to become Roman Catholic for a season of weeks or months. Then the fever breaks and the longing fades. However, it can never be cured. The fever strikes again. Eventually, the soul finds itself fighting the fever again. “Should I become Catholic?”

Top 5 Objections to Catholicism

Once a person has Roman fever, they usually have at least one of five reasons why they cannot now enter the Catholic Church.

Here are the top five objection to Catholicism, in no particular order:

  1. the desire to use Contraception
  2. “I need to stay Protestant to minister to those around me.”
  3. “The Church is full if scandal. I read online the other day that…”
  4. devotion to Mary is too high.
  5. My spouse won’t let me or cries or fights about it.

Are you a Catholic already? Maybe a convert? Ask yourself, if a non-Catholic asked you to help her through any of these objections, would you be able to answer in a satisfying way or not?

Question: Would you be able to provide the cure to Roman fever? The good Catholic is a like a good doctor. He knows how to diagnose and how to bring relief. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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