Technology Changes / God Does Not

We walked into our run down room at Motel 6. The carpet was still wet from being steamed cleaned. The motel room was a time capsule situated off the now neglected Route 66. This little town might have served as the inspiration of “Radiator Springs” in the Pixar animated movie Cars.

old tv

As we walked into our motel room, my five year old son exclaims, “Dad, look at that weird TV. It’s inside a box!”

The other children laughed at this oddity. I laughed, too. My son, born in 2008, had never seen a cube chaped tube TV “in a box.”

Rather, the little boy has only ever seen what we call the “flat screen TV.” He is the first generation to grow up in the third millennium. To these children, box televisions are as forgotten as telegraphs and cotton gins. The 1980s are as removed as the 1880s.

In the future when my son is in his 30s, he will enter an old run down Motel 6 and his son will shout, “Dad, look at the funny TV, it’s a flat screen!”

Technology is changing. One thing remains the same. Our Faith. There are no technological advances. The dogma of the Trinity will still be the dogma of the Trinity when flat screens pass away.

Technology turns and changes like a hurricane. God does not. In the eye of the storm, there is peace in Him.

Question: Does the rapid advance of technology scare you? How do we maintain tradition as the world speeds up?

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