Why the Word Matrimony, Not Marriage, is Better

Those seeking to redefine marriage are making great gains against the perennial doctrine of matrimony found in nature, Scripture, and Tradition. 
As we discussed in a previous post, the architects of culture always begin with the battle of language. This is a philosophical strategy. 

When we change the way we speak, we change our ideas. Changes in our ideas lead to changes in our actions.
words > ideas > actions
This corresponds to the moral capacity of man. After all, we can sin in “thought, word, and deed.”
We’ve taken a big hit with the coinage of the phrase “marriage equality.” This means that those that don’t approve of homosexual “marriage” are against equality. 
Imagine someone at a cocktail party asks you, “Are you in favor in marriage equality?” What do you say? Are you against equality?!
It’s like the question, “Have you stopped beating your wife?” There is no satisfactory way to answer that question.
Okay, so here’s what you do in that situation. Change the word. Go with matrimony
Matrimony comes from the Latin matrimonium. It is a compound of two words: mater meaning “mother” and the suffix monium signifying “action, state, or condition.”
Matrimony refers to the conception of babies in the mother’s womb. The very word refers to the primary use of holy matrimony. 
We must stress that matrimony is an institution for having babies. Traditionally, the ceremony for matrimony symbolized and focused on this reality.
As matrimony became sterile through a contraceptive mentality over the last 50 years, homosexual unions (100% biologically sterile) became fully acceptable. 
So stress matrimony. Use that word and explain to people what it means. Matrimony entails motherhood!
Comments: How will people react when you say, “Well, I actually believe in matrimony. It’s a gift to provide children in the way God provided.” Please leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas.
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