Photos of Our New Baby: Elizabeth Marshall

Here are some photos of our new baby Elizabeth Joy Anne Marshall.

In the first photo, I am weighing Elizabeth in a device similar to one used to weigh cat fish. That’s the only way I know how to explain it. She is 9lbs 0 oz. and 22 inches. A pretty big girl.

See the baby feet hanging out and the midwife in action trying to keep the little one from falling out:

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Here are the youngest two Marshall children (Becket and Blaise) meeting their new sister for the first time:

Here’s Becket. He was laughing about it all. I don’t know why he thought the baby was so funny. Maybe he’s relieved not to be the baby anymore:

Here’s a photo of Becket, Blaise, Joy, and me with the baby Elizabeth:

Here’s the whole Marshall tribe, now four boys and three girls. Our twins are thrilled to have a new sister!

Thank you for all the prayers!


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