The Inner Circle Winners for the ‘Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages’ Book

Let me tell you something. This whole Inner Circle idea took me by surprise. Y’all are so generous! I am amazed.
I received about 300 messages from people who wanted to join the so-called “Inner Circle” for the new book Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages! I had originally planned for only four slots.
I read all of your messages. Thank you!!! 
I feel more connected to readers than I ever have before. You wrote personal messages with many interesting stories.
I’ll be responding to each of you personally to thank you in the days to come.
Every continent was represented. Every age was represented. Every state of life was represented (priests, religious, lay, PhDs, hermits, deacons, and scores of great moms and dads!).
My conclusion: There are some REALLY amazing people reading this blog. Y’all are impressive!!! Thank you for reading this blog. Major qualifications out there. This is a highbrow audience!
After awhile, I realized that there could be no strict criteria to choose the final four for the Inner Circle. So I just went with my gut. I went with the messages that just seemed unusual and different. I gravitated to the people who wrote really personal emails and shared their personal stories with me.
If you didn’t get chosen, no worries. I’ll definitely do this again for the next book (it’s on the Virgin Mary – due in August) so please stay tuned. I’d like to work with all of you eventually. 
I also have also recently completed a Young Adult Novel on Saint George. I’d like to gather an Inner Circle of moms and dads for that one.
So here are the people who are in the Inner Circle. Originally there were four slots. However, I added two more to bring the number to six:
Rob Agnelli
Rob has MA in Moral Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary.  He has written numerous articles in Catholic publications (First Things, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, Lay Witness, NCBC Ethics and Medics, etc. ). He is a self-identified Thomist.

Lucia Sanchis Percovich
Lucia is finishing an MA in Marriage and Family from the University of Navarre in Spain. She is a Catholic mother of three. She runs small groups for Catholic mothers. She also has an MA in Economics from NYU.

Rachael Murphy  
Rachael comes from a Jewish background. She has considerable editing experience in the industry. (Those  who have read my blog for years know that I’m a typo king! – I need editing help!) She has read my other books and claims to “know my writing style.” She is preparing to enter the Catholic Church. I believe that her fresh convert’s perspective will be helpful.

Tom Venzor
Tom is a 27-year-old seminarian at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland. He also has a law degree. While there were several lawyers that applied, I thought a lawyer-seminarian would be interesting to work with. (The interface between grace and law always proves interesting!) Tom also has philosophical training in Saint Thomas Aquinas. He criss-crosses several important demographics: 20-something/seminarian/professional.

Sister Grace Marie 
Just after I had closed down the application process, I received this sweet email from Sister Grace Marie. She has an interest in linking the legacy of Saint Francis and Saint Dominic. I dig that because I’m a Thomist with love for the Franciscans. She also has a radio show called “A Good Habit” on the Guadalupe Radio Network. She is excited and exudes “nun sweetness,” which I cannot resist.

Clint Rain
Last but not least, Clint happens to be my neighbor. I was surprised to get his message to join the Inner Circle. It turns out that he’s read my other books. He’s a great friend and we can chat on my front porch about the book over a beer. No internet connection required. Clint is a convert to Catholicism and he has five children who play with my children all the time.
So there’s the circle of folks who will read the book first before we send it to you. We’ll discuss the book and polish it up. We’ll have the book ready for you on May 31. 
If you’ve signed up as an email subscriber to this blog, you’ll get the book on May 31. There is nothing else you need to do. 
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