Fr Dwight Longenecker reviews "The Taylor Marshall Trilogy"

Father Dwight Longenecker, the famous blogger of Standing on My Head at Patheos, has written a stunning review of what he calls “The Taylor Marshall Trilogy.” 

He is referring to the Origins of Catholicism Trilogy of books that I recently completed:
[the hyper-links below will take you to the reviews of the books]
1. The Crucified Rabbi (“How Catholicism alone fulfills Judaism”)
2. The Catholic Perspective on Paul (“How Paul unites ‘the Jews and the Gentiles’ through Catholic theology”)
3. The Eternal City (“Why Catholicism is ROMAN if its also so dang Jewish”)
I like Father Longenecker’s review because he definitely “gets it.” In the review, he notes that I’m making a defense against the most global and common attacks on Catholicism.
As a priest, he recognizes that this trilogy is really a giant three part argument for the Catholicism of Jesus Christ – that Our Lord Jesus Christ can be best appreciated from a Catholic point of view. 
The three most confused topics and objections to Catholicism (Old Testament/First Book; Saint Paul/Second Book; and Rome and Ecclesiology/Third Book) actually stand and fall together. These three books form a giant apparatus for Catholic apologetics. Surprisingly,  OT Jewishness and NT Roman-ness go together, that’s the glory of Catholicism.
Here’s an excerpt from Father Longenecker’s review of the Trilogy:
These three books are written in an easy and readable style. Here is scholarship for catechists and teachers to learn more about the dawning of our Catholic faith. The Crucified Rabbi, The Catholic Perspective on Paul and The Eternal City are also excellent resources for budding apologists. They provide the answers to Evangelical Christians who are searching for the Biblical roots of the Catholic Church and show the way to a deeper and more expansive understanding of historical Catholicism. As such they will strengthen your faith and your appreciation of the Mass, the gospels and your prayer life.
Please read Father’s full review by clicking here.

If you’d like to sample the Table of Contents and the first few pages of each book, please click on the links below:
1. The Crucified Rabbi (“How Catholicism alone fulfills Judaism”)
2. The Catholic Perspective on Paul (“How Paul unites ‘the Jews and the Gentiles’ through Catholic theology”)
3. The Eternal City (“Why Catholicism is ROMAN if its also so dang Jewish”)
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