4 Encouraging Ideas from a 12 Year Old Saint

Saint Dominic Savio (1842-1857) was a young man under the spiritual care of Saint John Bosco. He began to study for the priesthood until he became ill and died at the age of 14.
When he was still only 12 years old, Dominic set down four rules by which he would live and become a saint. 

They are simple and beautiful:

1. I will go to Confession and to Communion often.
2. I will keep holy the feasts days.
3. Jesus will be my best friend.
4. And I would rather die than to commit a sin.
How is that for a list of resolutions? Only a child would love so simply. 
If we could keep these four resolutions in our hearts with love, each of us would become a great saint. 
By the way, this would be a great little list to give young people at the First Communion and Confirmation. This should be printed up on holy cards. I’d buy 100 of them!
Please print these four resolution and put in on your mirror to remind you every morning the simple and small way to sainthood.
Also, please forward this on to your friends for their edification.
Question: Are you skeptical? Can becoming a saint be this simple? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts. 
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