Push Your Wounds into the Wounded Side of Jesus

One of the things that I love about being Catholic is that conversion is not supposed to be an instantaneous “getting saved” event. It’s not that we instantly become perfect in God’s eyes. We do, in fact, instantly become a son or daughter in Father’s eyes, but He still sees us as we are – and He love us. 
The process of becoming holy is a life-long battle. It’s the saga of sanctification. It’s a journey in which each one of us must carry a cross for years while being energized by the Holy Spirit.
One thing that we all struggle with in this life is walking around with an injured soul. I cannot speak for every single one of you. However, everyone that I’ve come to know intimately shares with that he or she bears a few wounds that have not healed up perfectly.
Think about the person who has hurt you the most. Think of the most painful wound that you have ever received in your entire life. Don’t we all bear wounds like this?
I know it is not easy, but as we meditate on our Lord Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins, maybe we can “locate” our wounds in His wounds. Truth be told, we wounded Him much more than anyone will ever wound us. Yet, He says, “Father forgive them.” More than that, He gives us a place within His own family: “Behold your mother.” Even more than this, He suffers His own wounds and our wounds with us.
Consider those wounds and pains that you bear and place them in the pierced side of Jesus Christ. Insert them into His pierced side and manually push them up there until they are snug with His Sacred Heart. Know that your hurts are felt by His Sacred Heart. 
You may not be ready to utter the words, “Father forgive him/her” concerning the person who hurt you. However, if you place your pain inside His pain, His voice speaks for you. Eventually His voice will become your voice. You will say, “I forgive you.”

Good Friday is a wonderful day to do some heavy lifting in the spiritual life. Shoulder up the cross and give it a go. It’s your last chance before Easter to do something truly heroic in union with Christ. The most heroic thing you can do is offer Him what is broken, hurt, or ugly and ask Him to heal you.
My own experience teaches me that the more serious I am about Friday (crucifixion) the more happy I am in Christ on Sunday (resurrection).

Have a holy Good Friday. Enter into the pierced side of Jesus.

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