List: 88 Saints Named Francis!

Pope Francis has explicitly indicated that his pontifical name ‘Francis’ was taken in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. When we hear the name “Francis” we may think of Francis of Assisi, Francis Xavier, or in America, Frances Cabrini. There is, however, a whole host of saints with the name Francis or with a name based of Francis. Here’s a list:

Frances Cabrini

Frances d’Ambrosia
Frances de Posadas
Frances of Rome
Frances Xavier Cabrini
Francesca of Gubbio
Francesca Salesia
Francesca Salesia Aviat
Francesco Antonio Fasani
Francesco Antonio Placidi
Francesco Fogolla
Francesco Forgione
Francesco Pianzola
Francesco Possenti
Francesco Saverio Seelos
Francesco Spoto
Francesco dei Maleficii
Francis Blanco
Francis Borgia
Francis Caracciolo
Francis Chieu Van Do
Francis Coll
Francis Dormore
Francis Fasani
Francis Ferdinand de Capillas
Francis Galvez
Francis Gil de Frederich
Francis Isidore Gagelin
Francis Jaccard
Francis Jerome
Francis Johnson
Francis Man
Francis Mary Paul Libermann
Francis Page
Francis Palau y Quer
Francis Patrizzi
Francis Pontillo
Francis Possenti
Francis Regis Clet
Francis Rogaczewski
Francis Seelos
Francis Solano
Francis Solanus
Francis Trung Von Tran
Francis Webb
Francis Xavier
Francis Xavier Bianchi
Francis Xavier Can Nguyen
Francis Xavier Mau
Francis Xavier Seelos
Francis de Capillas
Francis de Geronimo
Francis de Hieronymo
Francis de Montmorency Laval
Francis de Sales
Francis di Girolamo
Francis of Assisi
Francis of Girolamo
Francis of Nagasaki
Francis of Paola
Francis of Saint Michael
Francis of Sales
Francis, Caius
Francis, Gaius
Francisca Aviat
Francisca de Ambrosia
Francisca Salesia
Francisca Salesia Aviat
Francisco Castells Brenuy
Francisco Ferro, Ambrosio
Francisco José López-Caamaño García-Pérez
Francisco Marto
Francisco of the Child Jesus
Francisco Palau y Quer
Francisco Pascual Sánchez
Francisco Shoyemon
Franciscus de Hieronymo
François Peltier
Françoise Bellanger
Françoise Bonneau
Françoise Michau
Françoise Micheneau Gillot
Françoise Pagis Roulleau
Françoise Suhard Ménard
Franconia, Apostle of
Franczuk, Ignacy
Frans Fogolla
Franz Jägerstätter

May all these holy men and women pray for our Supreme Pontiff Pope Francis.

Question: Do you know of any other saints or blesseds with the name “Francis”?
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