Interview: The Great Catholic Migration of the 21st Century with Damian Goddard

Do you desire to grow in your Catholic Faith? Would you like richly biblical homilies? Catechesis that is orthodox and faithful to the living magisterium? Sacred Liturgy that that captures the beauty of holiness and brings due honor to God?

Of course you do! The question is, how do we find this glorious expression of the fullness of Catholicism?

Damian Goddard and I sat down for an interview about The Great Catholic Migration of the 21st Centurya post I recently wrote about the growing grassroots movement in the Catholic Church whereby the lay faithful are gravitating and drifting to parishes, priests, and monasteries where the Catholic Faith and Sacred Liturgy are expressed fully without shame or apologies.
In this episode, we discuss the face of Catholicism in the West and what might come down the road in the years to come, namely persecution…
Please click here to listen to the episode:
The Follow-Up Episode 1 Damian Goddard goes one-on-one with Dr. Taylor Marshall, Chancellor at Fisher More College in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Marshall explains the Great Catholic Migration of the 21st Century.

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