FREE Book: A Birthday Gift for My Readers

This year my birthday falls on Good Friday – March 29.
That’s okay. My family and I will just have cake on Easter, instead!
Still, since my birthday is actually on Good Friday this year I wanted to do something different. Instead of receiving gifts, I want to give a gift. I want to give something to the readers of this blog. Totally free. Just a “Thank You” from me to you. A want to give you all a free book.
Here’s why:
Over the past three months, I’ve come to connect with many readers of this blog. Daily, I receive dozens of heartfelt messages from you, the readers, via email and Facebook. I don’t want to sound too gushy, but a community has formed. I receive so much encouragement from you.
When I started back 2005, this was not the case. However, I know get tons of feedback. I hear from a lot of non-Catholics who are now becoming Catholics. I hear from atheists, Jews, and even Buddhists who are interested in Christ or have a question or concern. Sometimes they just want to “thanks” for a post. Other times I get tearful messages from a mother whose son has lost the faith. She’s looking for that apologetic “silver bullet” to bring him back. Or sometimes I hear from elderly people in the final days of cancer. I NEVER thought a simple little blog could be like this…
What I’ve learned is that it’s not just an academic experience…it’s a human experience.
So I’m going to write a FREE book for the readers of Canterbury Tales. I’ll make it available free as an ebook so as to not burden anyone with the costs of shipping.
Since it’s meant as a gift, I want it to have value for you. I don’t want to give you the book that I want to write (and I want to write a lot of them – I have a whole list). I want to write the book that you want to read!
What would you like your book to be about? I’m placing the decision in your hands…
I came up with a few options. I’ll let the readers vote and then whichever book idea has the most votes, I’ll write that book for you and give it out for free. Deal?
Here are the options. Which do you like:

  1. Mother of Fair Love: A 30 Day Devotional with the Mother of Jesus
  2. The Liturgy of Your Life: A Practical Workbook for Making a Spiritual Life Plan
  3. Thomas Aquinas in 50 Simple Pages: A Layman’s Guide to Thomism
  4. Jesus, I Need You: How to Find Christ’s Peace during the Storms of Life

Please vote by using this poll:

Okay, so you vote, and then I’ll write the book. I’ll close down the voting on midnight of Divine Mercy Sunday (Sunday after Easter). Whichever, book title above gets the most votes, that will be your free book.
Again, I just want to thank everyone for reading this blog and making it such a meaningful experience. May God richly bless you and reward you.
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