iMapping Your Daily Spiritual Life (Make a GPS Plan)

Sometimes we can allow ourselves to go adrift in our spiritual lives. It happens to me often. Like Saint Peter walking on water, we take our eyes off Christ and we begin to sink. If it could happen to the first Pope, it can happen to all of us.
Many of us use GPS systems or the Maps app on our smart phones to find our way to destinations. In my morning commute, I check the Map app on my iPhone to check the traffic and then choose the way of least resistance. 
If that’s true for traffic, it’s certainly true for life. All of us want to go to Heaven. We have the same goal. However, we need a way to get there. We need more than a map. We need an interactive voice or set of directions. So that if we take a wrong turn (which we often do), then we can re-route and get back on track. 
What is your GPS system? It includes your spiritual director. He is often the voice that alerts you about a wrong turn and suggests a new route. Your spouse and close friends likely help you in this way, too. Your map is your plan for daily mental prayer, Rosary, or whatever other devotions draw you close to God. These point you in the right way. Quiet and prayer are key. The subtle work of the Holy Spirit is more powerful than the voice of a friend. His is the voice of God. 
For me personally, I find that quiet time in the morning of at least 30 minutes is absolutely necessary. We all have different vocations and I know that commutes, preparing children for school, and other such duties fill up our mornings. However, be encouraged and try to just check in and look at the map. By this I mean, look for upcoming traffic in that day. Plan a route. Execute the plan. I find that if I just plan 2-4 things that must be done that day and do them, I feel more at peace and experience a greater momentum in the day.
Currently, I’m trying to see how this “Spiritual GPS” idea fits with morning rituals. How can I best begin the day energized and positive. Even more, how can I bring happiness to other people around me?
Do you have any suggestions? Also, if you have morning prayer routine that works for you, would you mind sharing it with us?
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