Is Christ the Only-Born Son of Mary or her First-Born Son?

Is Christ the Only-Born of Mary or is He her First-Born? Our Lady herself answered this question for us. Once the Immaculate Virgin appeared to Saint Gertrude the Great and related these words:

“They ought not to call my sweetest Jesus my only Son, but rather my first-born Son. I conceived Him first in my womb, but after Him, or rather, through Him, I conceived every one of you to be His brothers and to be my children, adopting you in the womb of my maternal charity.”

Biologically, Mary is the mother of Christ our Lord. However, supernaturally, she is the mother of us all. As Dom Jean-Baptist Chautard, OCSO wrote: “To isolate Mary form the apostolate would be to misconstrue one of the most vital parts of the divine plan.”

Consecrate yourself to Jesus through Mary regularly and commit all your cares and desires to her. Advent is an especially proper season to renew your love for her and Christ. Ave Maria!

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