How We Can Build the New Culture and the New Civilization

Last night’s election revealed to us that the majority of America is not with us. The polls and the electorate will trend to the issues openly endorsed by President Obama (abortion, Planned Parenthood funding, contraception, false forms of marriage, mandates binding of conscience, etc.).
We won’t win the culture for Christ through the GOP or through hooking up with a Mormon. We know that much.
What are you going to do about it?
My answer for all you young lay people: Have lots and lots of Catholic babies. Unplug the TV. Play games with them. Break out that Baltimore Catechism. Teach them. Hug them. Love them. Don’t fight with your spouse in front of them. Pray the Rosary every night with them? The Rosary should be like breathing. You just do it. Even if you’re exhausted. Pray the Rosary. Read the Bible with your family. Read the Douay Rheims – not some dummed-down emasculated version. Learn Latin yourself. Teach Latin to your kids. Don’t attend Masses where there is liturgical abuse. Bad liturgy teaches your children that the things of God aren’t important – that the things of God are merely a matter of one man’s whims. Raise manly boys and feminine girls. Take your sons hunting and fishing. Let them butcher an animal. Take your daughters on dates. Show them that they are ladies. Reject the sexualized commercial media. Don’t let that toxic sludge into your living room. Be vigilant. 
So here’s to having lots of Catholic babies. Build the new culture. Build the new civilization. The Culture of Death will die. What will replace it? That’s up to us, by God’s grace.

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