Pontius Pilate and Pro-Abortion Politicians

In last night’s US Vice-Presidential debate, our Vice-President said that he was a faithful Catholic and that he personally believed that life begins at conception. However, he is pro-choice because he doesn’t want to impose his belief on other people.

What if Pontius Pilate said: “Me, personally, I believe you are the Messicanic Son of God. But I don’t want to impose that belief on the angry mobs outside. Sorry. You’re going to die.”
Or what if he said, “Me, personally, I believe Americans enslaving Africans is morally evil. But I don’t want to impose that belief on America. It’s a very emotional topic. Let’s allow each plantation owner decide for himself.”
Catholic bishops, we are praying for you. These Catholic politicians are your sheep. They, like us, deserve to be taught and governed. When they run astray and make these statements on prime-time TV, we feel defeated. They deceive the Catholic faithful and lead Evangelical Protestants believe that we are all hypocrites. Please be our heroes. Set the record straight.
Saint Ambrose of Milan, pray for us.

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