My Favorite Catholic Bible Scholar: Cornelius a Lapide

My favorite Bible Scholar of all time is Cornelius a Lapide (1597-1637). His commentary on Sacred Scripture is, in my little opinion, the best that exists.

Lapide wrote commentaries on the books the Holy Bible. His knowledge of the Church Fathers is amazing and he incorporates all relevant sources when weighing in on a passage. Lapide is valuable because he often explores not only the literal, but also the allegorical, tropological, and anagogical senses of the passage.

Regrettably you have to read Latin (pretty well) to read his commentaries. (Here are the Latin volumes.) However, most of his New Testament commentaries are available in English and online for free. I have kept this link in the sidebar to the right, but here it is again. Please get busy and start reading Lapide:

Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide in English

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