The Ever Blessed – A New Blog for the New Year

In the Extraordinary Form, today is the Circumcision of Our Lord (8 days after His birth). In the Ordinary Form it is the feast of the Mother of God. 
On that note, please check out this new blog dedicated the Mother of God: The Ever Blessed by Steven Nelson. Steven is a friend of mine and a very talented graphic artist. He designed the covers of my books The Crucified Rabbi and The Catholic Perspective on Paul. Here’s some of his work:

(The Kindle Price on this book just temporarily dropped to $5.95)
Steven’s new site The Ever Blessed combines his creative artistry with devotional and educational articles about our Immaculate Mother. He also tries to find the most beautiful images of Our Lady.
Please go visit and peruse around the posts that he has up. Click on the link below to be redirected to his site:

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