Are you an Enemy of Mary? Ask St Maximilian Kolbe

I must always remind myself that the greatest devotion to Mary is to be more like her Son Jesus Christ – to strive to be this day without sin. Saint Maximilian Kolbe, that Knight of the Immaculata once wrote:
Who is her enemy? Whatever is stained, whatever does not lead to God, whatever is not love, whatever comes from the hellish serpent, he himself is her enemy; hence it includes all our defects, or all our faults. We ask her to give us strength against him. For this one purpose all devotions exist, all prayer, all sacraments; that we receive power to overcome all obstacles in our striving for God in a more and more ardent love, in assimilating ourselves to God, in uniting with God himself.
-Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, Explanation of Act of Consecration, Aim Higher, p. 140.
Along this line of thought, the admirable Saint Leonard of Port Maurice also wrote, “Who has true devotion to Mary? It is he who is an enemy of sin.”
Let us love Mary by becoming enemies of sin.

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