Origin of Sacred Chrism (Pope Saint Fabian)

His Holiness Pope Saint Fabian
Pope from AD 236-250

Pope Saint Fabian taught that Christ directly taught His Apostles in what way they were to mix and prepare the Holy Chrism used in Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders and in the consecration of altars.

Pope Fabian writes: “Our predecessors received from the Apostles and delivered to us that our Saviour Jesus Christ, after having made the Last Supper with his Apostles and washed their feet, taught them how to prepare the Holy Chrism” (Pope Saint Fabian, Second Epistle to the Bishops of the East, para. 54.)

Moreover, Pope Saint Innocent I, who reigned from AD 401 to 417, taught that Sacred Chrism should be conferred on the crown (top) of the head in Baptism and on the forehead at Confirmation.

Pope Innocent I also said that Sacred Chrism was the essential matter for the sacrament of Confirmation (Saint Innocent I, Ep. ad Decent.). No Chrism? No sacrament. (Catechism of the Catholic Church para. 1320 also confirms that Sacred Chrism is essential.)

This is an important teaching, as many heretics have denied the Apostolic origins of Sacred Chrism. As Catholics, we must hold firm to the teaching of these early sainted popes. 
Being “anointed” is one of the most prominent biblical themes of the Old Testament. It’s simply unthinkable that Jesus Christ would have not instituted the means by which Christians would become incorporated into Him through the anointing with Chrism.

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