Two Apparitions of Saint Joseph?

We often speak of Marian apparitions, but what about apparitions of Saint Joseph?

There are two well-known approved apparitions of Saint Joseph – but of which occurred in the context of a Marian apparition.

Our Lady of Knock (1879)
On the evening of Thursday, 21 August 1879 (Eve of the Octave of the Assumption) in Knock, Ireland, three mysterious persons appeared. The one in the middle was immediately identifiable as the Blessed Virgin Mary, veiled, crowned and praying. Immediately on her right was Saint Joseph with a gray beard, bowing toward Mary. To Mary’s left was one appearing as a bishop who wore a short mitre. This last saint was the virginal Apostle Saint John the Evangelist.

Our Lady of Fatima (1917)
As we discussed a few days about on the significance of the three Marian visions of the Miracle of the Sun (See: Miracle of the Sun Signifies Rosary Mysteries), the first vision included Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, as Lucia described:

When Our Lady disappeared in the immense distance of the sky, next to the sun we saw Saint Joseph holding the Child Jesus and Our Lady dressed in white with a blue mantle. Saint Joseph and the Child seemed to be blessing the world making the sign of the cross.

I find it startling that Saint Joseph, although not a priest, would give the sacerdotal blessing of the sign of the cross in union with his foster-Son, Christ.

What can we observe from these two apparitions of Saint Joseph?

  1. In both visions, Joseph does not speak.
  2. Joseph appears along with Mary.
  3. In the Knock vision, John appears, and John is the “son” of Mary is a special way. Is he also a “son” of Joseph in a special way?

I have not yet thought more about this so I’d love to hear any insights about these apparitions of Joseph. I don’t know of any other approved apparitions of Saint Joseph. If there are more, please let us know.

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  • DrJeffKoloze

    I would like to know two things: first, if there have been apparitions of St. Joseph in Canada or the United States; second, what religious order or group is primarily involved with promoting devotion to him. Feel free to contact me at or through LinkedIn.

    For now, enjoy the Assumption of Mary holyday!

    • truth_seeker_3

      The Sisters of Loretto prayed to St Joseph for assistance in completing the mission church when they arrived in Sante Fe, NM.
      A carpenter arrived as an answer to their prayers. The carpenter built a masterpiece of a circular stairway with the most basic of hand tools. This stairway makes two 360 degree turns with no center support and provides access from ground level to the choir loft.
      The carpenter vanished before the sisters could pay him. The local lumber source did not have any record of materials purchased for the job. There is no record for any transaction taking place for the stairs.
      The stairs still stand today.

      • truth_seeker_3

        As constructed, the staircase had no handrail. No one has been able to explain how the stairs are able to stand with no central support.