Meet John of St. Thomas

Some of my research for my doctoral dissertation has led me to learn more about a wonderful scholar of the Catholic Church: John of St. Thomas.

John of St. Thomas was born 9 June 1589 in Lisbon, Portugal and died at Fraga, Spain on 17 June 1644. He joined the Dominicans in 1613 and dedicated his life to studying the teachings of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

He was so faithful to Saint Thomas Aquinas that in his last illness he could declare that, in all the thirty years he had devoted to study, he had not taught or written anything contrary to St. Thomas Aquinas.

He was known for his humility and holiness. His works comprise his Cursus philosophicus Thomisticus and the Cursus Theologici (18 volumes!).

Unfortunately, I cannot unearth a picture of him. If you have one, please send it my way.

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