Photos: Best Catholic Church Renovation in Texas (St Theresa’s Sugarland)

Novus Ordo Mass ad orientem in Texas
in the Renovated St Theresa’s Sugarland

I recently had the pleasure and honor of delivering two presentations at St Theresa’s Catholic Sugarland (outside Houston) on topics relating to my book The Crucified Rabbi, specifically on how the liturgical and sacrificial customs of the Old Testament find their fulfillment in the Catholic Mass, liturgy, architecture, and vestments.

St Theresa’s, under the leadership of Father Stephen Reynolds, renovated their sanctuary which was previously lacking in what we might call the “beauty of holiness.”

Here are the “before photos”…

Behold the green lights!!! 
Father Reynolds tells us that the lights changed colors to match the liturgical seasons. Yikes.
And now for the renovation “after photos.” Drumroll, please…

Breathtaking, isn’t it? It’s difficult to believe that it’s truly the same church. The renovation is one thousand times better than the original.

But wait. There’s more. Here’s the daily Mass chapel before:

And here’s the daily Mass chapel after:

Do you want to renovate your church and return it to the “beauty of holiness”? Why not go with the same architect: Duncan G. Stroik. 

By the looks of his work, it’s all good.

A special thank you to Father Reynolds and Alan Phipps for having me down to Saint Theresa’s and for sharing the photos. Here’s the website for St Theresa’s Catholic Church in Sugarland Texas.

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